My Story About Snatch Thief

One day you are at a busy shopping centre and you hear a commotion. A man is running towards you with a lady’s handbag. He is obviously a snatch thief. Complete an essay relating what happened.

“Help me, a guy snatched my handbag!” shrieked an old lady who is in her sixties. Her piecing shrill cry caught my attention. Turning around, I saw a huge, burly man running towards me at breakneck speed, with a red leather handbag in his hands.

It was my first time witnessing an act of crime right before my eyes and this incident caught me off-guard. Nonetheless, I was reminded that I should always lend a helping hand towards others in need.

Calmly, I placed my foot out slyly when the snatch thief whizzed past me. He fell flat on the ground, lost grip of the handbag and it flew next to my feet.

Cursing and groaning in pain, the snatch thief picked himself up and he stared at me.

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The look in his eyes was menacing and it sent a cold shiver down my spine. Though I was scared, I was determined not to show it and clung on tightly to the handbag, which I had picked up from the floor.

“Hand it over to me, young boy!” the snatch thief snarled and was inching towards me. “Hand it over to me, and you will not be hurt!” He repeated his sentence, this time, more fiercely and commanding. Frightened, I froze on the spot and broke out into cold sweat, my heart thumping furiously.

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Suddenly, the snatch thief brandished a knife and I knew the consequences would be fatal.

“Freeze! Stop what you are doing!” a voice boomed behind me. The snatch thief looked ahead and took to his heels. I looked behind him to see what had saved my life. Then I saw a familiar knight in blue – it was a policeman and the latter gave chase.

Soon after, the old lady arrived next to me, and I handed the handbag over to her. “Thank you,” she panted heavily. I looked at the crowd again and saw the police officer coming back, alone. The snatch thief was unfortunately too fast for him. The old lady recounted her harrowing experience and she praised me for assisting her when she was in a helpless plight.

The police officer too, commended me for thinking quick on my feet and civic consciousness I had displayed in attempting to bring a culprit into the arms of law. A week later, the chief police officer decided to present me with a medal for my bravery. I went home feeling elated as I have done a good deed.

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My Story About Snatch Thief

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