My Report on a Visit to Chinatown in Philadelphia

I decided to go explore my cultural event on October 3rd because that was the only time I had due to my schedule. Sadly, there weren’t any events going on that day that I could attend without conflict. My friend suggested I go to Chinatown since I’ve never actually explored the place. I chose to Uber from Temple University to Chinatown because it was only three dollars. I was amazed at how close I always was to Chinatown yet I never visited.

My friend came with me to show me around since he visited Chinatown a decent amount of times.

Our first stop was a bubble tea place called ViVi. I ordered a taro flavored bubble tea with lychee jelly. The atmosphere of the place was vibrant with everyone talking and the colorful store. I’ve had bubble tea before near my home in Northeast Philly but I’ve never had the taro flavor. I fell in love with the taste and from now on, I will always order taro when the flavor is available.

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My friend and I sat down to talk for a few minutes as I soaked up the atmosphere.

We left to go eat at a restaurant called Dim Dum Garden. I’ve heard many good things about the restaurant. I ordered the Shanghai Steamed Pork Soup Dumplings and it was absolutely delicious. The restaurant was beautiful on the inside. The waiters served quick and we were out of there in a matter of minutes.

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Overall, my experience in Chinatown exceeded my expectations. The food was amazing and I fell in love with ViVi and Dim Sum Garden.

However, I did notice the town had an odd smell throughout it because of the outdoor markets. It was also more crowded than I thought it would be but I assumed it was because everyone wanted to eat the delicious food the town provided. I’m glad I finally visited Chinatown and I will go back for the Pork Soup Dumplings when I can.

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