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My body.. My choice.. I wish this was as easily said for those 2,459,548 women currently living in Alabama. But unfortunately, as of the 30th of April 2019 as a result of an overwhelming majority vote, 25 to 6, their rights to freedom of choice and personal decisions regarding their own individual bodies have been stripped clean from them.

I will be expressing my view on an issue that has divided the United-states of America, an issue that is as stark as pro-life verses pro-choice…… arising as a result of making illegal all forms of abortion in the state of Alabama unless the mothers life is deemed as seriously at risk.

So, what does this new law mean for the women and girls in Alabama? what about the women who can’t afford to bring up a child, or of whom has no means of support for her child in their current living situation. OR…. even the extreme case where the woman is a victim of rape or incest? Well, the new law means that such women, even some of the most vulnerable women in society are forced to carry a child through a full term with only one exception to these law makers.

In 1973, the case of Roe v. Wade, legalised abortions nation wide in the US and gave women the constitutional right to end a pregnancy. This case set a precedent and it has been stated that this new Alabama law has been established in an attempt to challenge, provoke or even overturn the hard work, passion and dedication women put into fighting for their rights almost 50 years go.

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What these twenty-five white republican men who voted in favour of the law don’t understand, is that by banning abortions it will not stop them, but it will instead force women to do it themselves in a dangerous manner. To partially even comprehend that women may now rely on illegal methods that include backyard jobs or methods such as shoving wire coat hangers in their bodies that could possibly result in deaths caused by infection is completely and utterly horrific. In the past, women have fought long and hard for the right of both contraception and abortion, so why now are these American senators taking such a retrograde and inhumane step?

Recently, Alabama refused to air the season premier of popular tv-show Arthur because the episode featured a same-sex wedding. But, in such a conservative and unrealistic state, the pre-teens and teens who watch the show, these same girls would be forced to carry and deliver a child. Alabama is becoming more conservative with time, to issues that frequently draw both expectance and tolerance in our society, such as the legalisation of same sex marriage, when there are more desperate issues needing their attention, such as abortion.

In that same spirit, the ironic state motto of Alabama is “Audemus jura nostra defendere”, which, in Latin, means “We dare defend our rights.” This is both irrational and hypocritical as they are removing for women these very same rights they had fought for nearly half a century ago.

How is it that in the United States, abortion is banned before guns?

Demanding legitimacy and recognition these senators are ignoring that we are all individuals with individual needs. These men are not pro-life, but are instead are pro-power and conservatism, taking the world back to a time when abortions was illegal. The illogical nature of this law was only further highlighted by Vivian Figures when she challenged the irrational decision made by the Republican men with her introduction of a new amendment “to make vasectomies a felony, noting that there are no laws regulating what a man can do with his body.”

In an attempt to make the senators feel on an even playing field what they have done to women. I strongly believe that all life -changing decisions should be made equal for both men and women,

If after 50 years in America: a leading country in innovation, economics and military power, could possibly overturn the abortion law, who’s to say the same cannot happen here in Australia.

Imagine that if one of these men, who are comfortably sitting and voting with absolute certainty: “no” is oblivious to what is happening in the shadows of his own home.

What if in two years from now one of their wives or dare I say daughters of one of these 25 white republican men is raped. For the daughter, if she is still quite young, she may have not learnt yet or have understood what happened to her. Possibly she may be afraid to tell anyone and therefore her parents would never find out. Possibly, her mother notices she has gained weight the following month, she was suspicious but thought her little girl was starting to go through puberty, so, it would all be okay. But, next month comes and the weight keeps growing, so just to be sure that everything is okay, she takes her daughter to the doctor. But only arrives at the doctor for them to tell her that her daughter, maybe hasn’t even finished elementary school is pregnant..

The mother suddenly becomes flustered, stressed and confused, not sure what to think or even feel during this moment.

Suddenly, she rushes to ask the doctor what her options are.. her precious little girl could never have a baby at such a young age.. But then the doctor informs the wife that due to the new law regarding the ban of abortions, even in the extreme situation of rape, or even a very young age there were no exceptions. The doctor continued by stating that if he were to perform the abortion he could be sentenced with life in prison, facing felony jail time of up to 99 years if convicted. Unsettled, agitated and overwhelmed she takes her daughter by the hand and rushes home to her husband.

Only coming to the realisation on her way home that her own husband was one of the 25 republican men that voted in favour of the abortion law. It is her own husband that is to blame for her young and precious little girl having to have a baby at a young age because of rape. So, just a message to all of the 25 Republican men that voted for the Abortion law: The hardest decision a woman can make is to have an abortion, but, it was definitely not a decision that you were to make for her.

I am personally pro-choice, because abortion is never an easy choice, sometimes the right choice, but most importantly, always a women’s choice.

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