My Motivation to Study At a Course Of The Reservoir Evaluation Management

The fact of having a degree in Petroleum Geology in addition to my professional experience is an impulse which has aroused my attraction to Reservoir Characterization and Management field. During the completion of my undergraduate course, I awarded a 3 months internship at Petrobras, the Brazilian national oil company, in collaboration with the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) and the Agostinho Neto University (UAN). Throughout the internship period, I was assigned for core samples description and familiarized myself with the rock properties of a reservoir at laboratory conditions.

My thesis and final dissertation were a relevant insight for deciding to expertise in this area of study as I worked in a project entitled Stratigraphic and Structural Modelling of Cabo Ledo Area, using the software Petrel involving field trips, sedimentologic analyses, well logs and formation evaluation which are subjects related with my 3 chosen courses.

A more solid decision to build expertise in this area came across my mind after seeking career prospecting in Schlumberger and have acquired skills in Formation Evaluation gotten by running triple combo services.

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While offshore, the operations in reservoir sections were pertinent allowing me to learn more about risk controlling and reservoir behavior. I then joined Halliburton and kept learning about reservoir production. So, it is appropriate to improve further my knowledge by enrolling at one of these 3 courses. The Reservoir Evaluation Management at Heriot-Watt University is an astonishing course in which I was pleased to be offered a place to study. As there are few reservoir degrees running within the UK, I believe it is the most completed course due to its balanced and unique combination of geosciences and engineering.

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It allows graduates to integrate different disciplines and build computer models to provide accurate predictions of reservoir behavior.

The Reservoir Engineering at the University of Aberdeen is a similar course but with distinctive particularities. It concentrates more on engineering besides giving a considerable relevancy to geology allowing the management of a reservoir using software such as Eclipse and Petrel.

Overall, the topics covered are similarly interesting and enrolling in one of these courses would be worthwhile as I intend to enhance knowledge in Reservoir Simulation which is a powerful tool used to project and predict future reservoir performance and enhance recovery. I believe that having a bachelor is not enough and improving my skills further is the next step forward. I am in the need of more exposure to higher-level education and professionalism. So, I decided to go abroad, in this case in the UK, because as a developed country, it has international accredited universities. I aim to obtain a more qualified education and benefiting of smaller study period, working part-time or volunteering while studying which are advantages offered by the British educational system. The UK has a cosmopolitan culture with very special food and people with whom I would be glad to share moments in a year.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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