My Motivation to Develop in The Field Of Petroleum Systems Engineering

As a teenager I’d always enjoy the moment I had with the Discovery Channel; watching documentaries, bibliographies, sciences, and fictions. During this period the most compelling and fascinating aspect was watching documentaries that have to do with the earth sciences chemical processing and oil field exploration. In spite of this I could remember as a child when my father on returning from the rig will tell us stories about the challenges he encountered and what was actually happening then; even though my mum was just interested in his health I would -spend time asking him the unknown to gain an insight and a feeling of how the oil and gas industry was.

A piqued curiosity started developing in reading journals and papers that have to do with oil and gas. Our passion has a strong effect on our life. Our passion control; what we do and what we think. Thenceforward I have cherished the constant aspiration of becoming a renowned engineer.

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With a solid foundation held in my secondary school, I gained entrance to the federal university of technology Owerri Imo state Nigeria to study petroleum engineering which was taught in English. In this bachelor degree program, I had the opportunity to be exposed to a full range of engineering courses all of which intended to reinforce my passion for science and engineering. my undergraduate program was rewarding and joyful as I received a course in chemical thermodynamics mass and heat transfers fluid mechanics etc. I believe that the most important task as a student was to lay a firm groundwork in terms of knowledge and experimental techniques so that more advanced studies could be pursued.

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With this awareness, I decided that a good job in all core courses including experimental courses was primary. I tried to understand the principle underlying each petroleum phenomenon and how each principle was derived. This way of learning allowed me to become familiar with drilling production and reservoir principles.

Subsequently, after the degree program, I got a job in an oil servicing company as a field service engineer where I delved deeper into the fascinating world of oil and gas production process. For 2 years I was obliged with the responsibilities of the quantitative and qualitative assessment of drilling fluids in an actual drilling process. This period expanded my horizons moving from one location the other-mostly addax and Agip energy fields in my home country. To keep myself abreast with the most recent international developments I consciously availed myself of all possible opportunities to attend various conferences and special training programs. During my services with frigate upstream and energy, service limited my team and I launched the university youth professional YP in the university petroleum engineering department. Where I acted as the secretary. As such, I organize seminars on the roles of YP in the petroleum industry. while working I attended a number of domestic and international conferences including the SPE annual conferences in Nigeria Nigerian Institute of the safety professional Nigerian society of engineer NSE and lecture seminars.

At the moment I currently hold the position of a quality control and quality assurance lead in a logistics company in my home country Nigeria where I have gained full time working experience for over five years. I am very happy that in my work experience I have had opportunities to practice the basic knowledge from my formal academic background learning the latest technology and expertise.

Another important thing is the necessity and importance to constantly improve my professional knowledge and skills in order to be able to solve a difficult problem that many me challenging to the Nigerian oil and gas industry. My current education and academic qualifications provide me with the skill set necessary to pursue a master’s program in petroleum systems engineering. The University of Regina comes on top of the list because it is a top ranking university in Canada and entire North America. in the field of petroleum systems engineering, in particular, it enjoys the unparalleled position offering many research-intense programs and the research environment is impeccable.

The University of Regina petroleum systems engineering graduate studies became a strong choice due to the way the course is structured and the university state-of-art faculties which is not obtainable anywhere in Africa especially in Nigeria. Despite its academic and research excellence the faculty pioneer demonstrates a commitment to excellence and disseminate new knowledge which also adds to the basis for my preference. The reason why this MENG qualification interests me is to develop a professional ability to undertake a critical appraisal of technical and commercial execution of projects in the area of oil and gas production technology process engineering and safety. The relationship between the course and my previous degree is intriguing in the area of exploration and production of crude petroleum from subsurface work to surface work. The course content will help me to understand the high-end technology on a global scale for the oil and gas industry.

I have a strong affinity that my chosen course is right for me and having this quality will make me more relevant and a successful career back at home not only is it something that inspired me but something that I have relevant experience in. I am deeply aware for a person who seeks excellence and who wishes to achieve some innovative research result in petroleum engineering it is imperative that he or she plunges into an environment which is challenging and competitive as well as stimulating promising the realization of one's ambition. The reputation of your school and my conversation with several alumina has served to deepen my interest in attending. I know that in addition to your excellent faculty your facilities are among the best in the state and hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution. If I am admitted I plan to take advantage of the research resources to their fullest extent and if possible continue my study toward a Ph.D. degree.

I expect that this may a lay a solid foundation for me to undertake a lifelong research at some reputable research universities of Canadian universities or world-class companies. I hope that my prospective studies at your reputable university can solidify my knowledge and bring into full play my latent intellectual capacities. Therefore I wish that you would seriously and favorably consider my application.

Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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