My Feeling as a Filipino

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I am very proud to be a Filipino! From the centuries that passed, a lot of nations have admired the Filipino people, for being industrious, brave, talented, resourceful, these are only a few of the traits that a lot of other people and nations admired the Filipinos for. But although we have been complimented in many fields, none of us or only a handful of us are well known for it. We as a people never stop and think “what can I do for this country”.

There have been notable personalities that have done this but a lot of us have always taken it for granted.

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One other notable Filipino trait is ingenuity; we have had a lot of inventors that have blossomed in the Philippines, one such inventor that is well known around the world is Agapito Flores, the inventor of the fluorescent light.

This invention, should it have been recognized by the government would have been one of the best ways that we could have paid our national debt and would have increased the status of the Philippines as a nation, if it was manufactured here in the Philippines, but the government took it for granted. Another field that we really should have exceeded in is agriculture. A lot of the Asian countries have learned their agricultural knowledge from the Philippines, yet we keep importing these goods from them, one such country is Thailand; they are very proud to say that they learned their agricultural knowledge from the Philippines, one notable goods is the Thai Rice, that specific breed of rice was made in the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Baños, Laguna, yet we are the one importing that specific rice crop from that country to ours.

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So my question is … Why is it that our government seems to be a reactive kind of government and not a proactive one? Why is it that the Filipino, as a people, seems to practice, what I call the “I” syndrome? Why is it that we put ourselves on top of everything else rather than a part of a nation? Why is it that other nations and or people recognize what we have and we don’t? Why is it that we turn a blind eye to the problems of our society? Why is it that we are so caught up with what “I” want and what “I” need that we fail to see what’s really happening to us as a nation? I AM PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO and I still believe that we can make it as a nation, but I’m afraid that if we don’t change our outlook of ourselves as a people, we will succeed as an individual but fail miserably as a nation.

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My Feeling as a Filipino

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