My Favorite Meal

It is definitely an old-time favorite and additionally, an all-time favorite American dish which even non-Americans would surely love and long for. That is the manner on how I describe the meal I never get tired eating, baked potato and steak, such delectable treat, for me a feast worth celebrating. It is as if it is Thanksgiving Day whenever I am at my dinner table just looking at the big slice of tender scrumptious steak and the soft mushy baked potato.

Negating my earlier statement, not only does it feel like Thanksgiving Day for me, but a plate of steak and baked potato even surpasses the feel of Christmas feasts anytime. Considering it parallel to the turkey of Thanksgiving or Christmas is certainly a whale of an understatement. Being honest, I cannot completely comprehend with my penchant for that dish, and even if I am made to eat the dish everyday of the week, whether it is for breakfast, for lunch, or for supper.

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Lest I forget, the meal is even made complete by green peas which even further bolster the healthiness of it.

From my perspective, the meal is the epitome of a health and energy-providing meal; the potatoes being the giver of protein, the steak providing the energy for me to vigorously perform my everyday duties, and these two are complemented by the deceivingly small yet vitamin-enriched yummy green peas. I was just I little tot when I first gotten taste of the well-done steak with baked potato. Thereafter the first small slice and ample bite of the still hot potato, right there and then I knew that that was a meal I was never going to get tired of feasting on.

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The genuine and incomparable taste of the meat previously drenched in various seasonings, soy sauce, and peppers, topped with onion rings, gravy and cooked just to reach the right tenderness, not too crispy, not too raw, but a cross between the two. For me, a day without baked potato and steak is not a complete day, but a day spent without one of the things that add spice to my life. Reference Arlov, P. (2006). Wordsmith: A Guide to College Writing. New York: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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