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My Dream House

Every person has its own dream place where he/she would like to live. Somebody wants to live in a small house while somebody’s willing to live in a huge villa, somebody wants to live somewhere in the forest without people living nearby while others would like to live in a crowded city, somebody wants to live in a desert while others want to live somewhere in tropics. All people are different and have their own opinions and dreams. Now I’m going to describe my own dream house. I’m absolutely sure that it’s not going to be in Ukraine or some close countries. It will be located on Australian or American coast with a view on the Pacific or Indian Ocean. My dream house is not a huge one, but not a small one and it definitely will have 3 stories as minimum and few buildings near it.

It will be painted only in light colors, preferably in white or bright yellow and will have a lot of plants inside and outside of it. There’s going to be a lot of glass instead of walls so there were a lot of light inside of the house. There’s also going to be a big garage for 7-10 cars as minimum, because to have this amount of sport cars is one of my dreams. There’s also going to be a big swimming pool with a bar ranks in the backyard so I could have some summer parties at my house.

The swimming pool is not going to be round or square like others, it will be in form of the letter “M” first of all because my name starts from this letter and secondly it would be much more comfortable and more space to put some things around the pool such as bar ranks, tables, plank beds etc. As I already said there will be few buildings near my house. One of them will be two stories building with a few billiards tables (russian and pool) on the first store and a chill-out room with hookahs and a big screen TV on the second floor. It will be a place where I’ll be able to meet my friends in the evening and we could spend some time talking and relaxing after a work day.


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