My Crush Essay

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My Crush

My crush is the reason of my unexplainable emotions. Every time I see him I just can’t explain my feelings, because sometimes I feel happy, excited, mad and sad. Happy every time I’m with him and when he mingled with my family in our house. I get excited because he gave surprises to me. Mad when he ignores me especially when he is busy texting while we are still chatting. And lastly, sad because I know he is already committed to someone.

On the other hand, he became a big part of my life. Because he always inspires me to do the best that I could do. But he is not merely my crush. He is also my mother, father, brother and best friend. Mother in the sense that he always takes care of me and reminds me to do the things I need to do. He could also be my father in a way that he scolds me every time I make a wrong decision. Brother for the reason that we fight for every small details and make argument with each other. And lastly, my best friend who was always been there for me, and never left me in my up’s and down’s.

Every person has a crush; they said that it’s normal to have a feeling towards opposite sex. But more than that, our crushes could be an inspiration to us, in doing the things that sometimes hard for us to do. My crush would always be one of my inspirations in my life.

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