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My Chinese Dream

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (537 words)
Categories: Dream
Downloads: 28
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Since utilized by incumbent Chinese president Xi Jinping on November 29, 2012, the term meaning to achieve the terrific rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Chinese dream, has actually been a catchword. Every Chinese is talking about it. “My Chinese dream is to get a steady job”, a laid-off employee stated when investigated. “Mine is to bring to life lovely twin brother and sister”, a pregnant lady declared. If asked, as a grassroots undergraduate, my Chinese dream is that we young individuals believe in and expect an intense future.

Lots of cases of college trainees eliminating their schoolmates draw individuals’s attention. To name a couple of, this April, a junior undergraduate Jiang in Fudan University was poisoned by his roommate Huang to death even if of a small quarrel. In 2010, one was killed and two were wounded by student Zeng of Sichuan University just for mocking his plain look. A flexible trainee Zhu from Tsinghua University was poisoned by an intimate of her according to the police in 1994.

How ridiculous these top students’ behaviors are!

They are smart and hard-working adequate to go into college, however they are silly and diffident adequate to provide up their years of effort and decades of intense future in the blink of an eye simply for an ill-considered impulse. They may be top trainees, but absolutely not exceptional trainees. As the old stating goes, man proposes, God gets rid of. We trainees must aim for a bright future through our skills, rather than turning to some evil deeds or unwise faster ways.

Nobody is perfect, so what is very important is to remedy your own demerits, not to bear a grudge on others’ benefits. “I worked hard for 18 years, just to have a cup of coffee with you.” This phenomenon is getting more and more pervasive. Nowadays, the space in between the abundant and the bad is so big that those born poor are most likely to toil all their lives to catch up with the rich 2nd generation. As an outcome, many young people become cynical and begin to lose heart on their relatively slim opportunity of success.

Of course they have good reason to think that way. It’s proved that the better family background one has, the easier he gets a job and the higher his initial salary is. There is no doubt that students by no means start from the same point and rich students are easier to achieve success. However, should we grassroots students give up our dreams just because some stupid gaps? Should we lose hope on our future just because we’ve seen through the merciless reality? Should we let down our loved ones and ourselves just because of our own cowardice?

No! As young and energetic college students, we must be confident and hopeful that a bright future is beckoning to us somewhere. We just need to stay hungry for knowledge and stay foolish about the cruelty of life. We don’t love life for its perfection; we love life because of its authenticity. Realizing its flaws and still love it, that is real love. Let’s unload unnecessary items, take our Chinese dreams, embark on a raft and start our wonderful journey. Thank you!

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My Chinese Dream. (2017, Jan 02). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/my-chinese-dream-essay

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