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Even though music may be a big part of our lives, we may not realize how much music can impact us and how it can help others. Music helps all sorts of people in very different ways. As soon as they get up, many people put Pandora or Spotify on as they are getting ready for the day. It helps them start their day on the right foot, it wakes them up and their brain feels refreshed. In their car, they either listen to the radio or plug in their phone, and listen to it as they are either going to work, school, or other miscellaneous activities. Then, when they come home and start on homework, they are listening to instrumental and relaxing music to help them focus. 

“Battle Royale” by Ralph Ellison
Words • 630
Pages • 3
A need for change is a powerful characteristic. Many people say change needs to happen but does nothing about it while on the other hand there’s others who make an effort to change the world the better for themselves or others within our society. The narrator in our story is one of those people who go through life with major struggles but eventually be rewarded by making a name for themselves and sets them apart from others. The narrator and…...
Invisible ManMusic
Concept of Racism in The Invisible Man
Words • 643
Pages • 3
In the Invisible Man, the importance of racial differences are addressed by the anonymous protagonist who shares about his past. Author Ralph Ellison expresses the idea of inequality by portraying the main character as an African American from the south who receives unfair treatment growing up and is “invisible” to the American Society. As the protagonist encounters different characters throughout the novel, Ellison incorporates ideas of social inequality into their roles. Thus … The invisible man’s identity is invisible to…...
Invisible ManMusic
“Native Son” by Richard Wright Analysis
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
Native Son, written by Richard Wright in 1940, illustrates the life of a 20 year old African American, Bigger Thomas, living in a tenement room in the South Side ghetto with his mother and younger sister and brother. As the novel begins, Bigger’s mother urges him to accept a job that is being offered by Henry Dalton, a wealthy white man who owns much of the property in the ghetto. She tells Bigger that if he refuses, the family will…...
Native SonRichard Wright
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Native Son: The Effects of Racism in Past and Present Day 
Words • 1736
Pages • 7
In the novel Native Son by Richard Wright, he explains the different lifestyles that whites and blacks live. For instance, whites can live how they want with extreme benefits, whereas blacks aren’t as fortunate because of their treatment and conditions. Whites are given many exceeding opportunities that overshadow those of blacks in their society. Because of this, blacks are looked upon many as freaks, being poor and not as equal as everyone else, which leads to racism. Racism is “prejudice,…...
Native SonRichard Wright
The Life and Musical Career Perspective of William Byrd
Words • 2775
Pages • 12
Perhaps I did not acknowledge how fortunate I was to have such a long musical career under the Tudor monarchy in England during the second half of the sixteenth century. Upon my death, I was recognized in the Old Cheque-book of the Chapel Royal of London as “William Byrd, Father of Musick”l and died a wealthy man. My career as an Anglican composer was characterized by periods of constant vigilance, anxiety, and longing, and such emotions coupled with my own…...
A Comparison of the Similarities Between the Artists Called Culture Jammers
Words • 2804
Pages • 12
There is a strong correlation between Avant-Garde music and film.Especially in the late 20th century, these two mediums contributed to each other both stylistically and with the common message they share. One of the obvious common movements that occurred in both Avant-Garde film and music was using found footage/sound in aesthetic and political movements like Cinema of Appropriation and Plunderphonics, which the artists in both mediums not only contributed to each other’s work and philosophy, but also used both of…...
The Influence of the Women’s March on the Rise of the Music Industry
Words • 3175
Pages • 13
The 2017 Women's March was about sexual violence against women, LGBTQ rights, equal pay, and abuse of power, among other things. The Trump era established the conjuncture? for this march. The election and inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. President were among the many events that had led to a crisis, and the Women's March was a cultural rupture+ that occurred because of all the things that the Trump administration continues to represent in a patriarchal culture driven by capitalism."…...
Music Industry
An Examination of the Message of NOFX’s 2003 Album The War on Errorism
Words • 1530
Pages • 7
In this day and age, it has never been easier to tune into so many different discourses or lenses which can define our reality. The most pivotal discourse is artistic discourse and in our society today, I believe that the most important form of this artistic discourse would be music. Music can change the world, and it already has countless times throughout history. From the beginning music has been able to move us and motivate us to question the world…...
An Essay on Music Education
Words • 2929
Pages • 12
Music is heard every day, but many people do not take the time to think how it is made. Every musician has to start somewhere, and most of them started with early music education. The average public school has music education that starts in kindergarten with general music classes and ends in high school with band, orchestra, or choir. Many students would agree that music is their favorite class. Although students enjoy music classes because they are fun, they are…...
A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson
Words • 625
Pages • 3
What could two people born two centuries apart possibly have in common? The answer is more than you may think, but they also have their differences. These two people are Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson. Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson were two of the most noteworthy and well known musicians the world has ever seen who were comparable in their childhoods, career, life, and death. Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson have many striking similarities and differences in their childhoods. Wolfgang…...
Michael JacksonMozart
A Comparison of the Music Streaming Service Spotify and Apple Streaming Technology
Words • 2901
Pages • 12
Spotify was launched in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in Sweden. The streaming service quickly gained support from artists and became the most popular streaming platform worldwide with 60 million active users. The business model the technology derives from has constantly come under criticism in the past and will need to be adapted in the future for the company to remain market leaders. I will be exploring this model in the following essay to determine what makes Spotify…...
The Effect of Music as a Panacea
Words • 1052
Pages • 5
Music accompanies a person throughout his life. Of course, each of us puts his own meaning in music, unwittingly taking into account one or another life situation. How does music affect to a person? and to a what extent music is able to effect as a panacea? The novel written by the Russian writer K. Paustovky made me to ponder over these questions. The position of the author of the novel ‘The old chef”’ is expressed openly; he beliefs, that…...
Music and It`s Meaning to Me
Words • 1598
Pages • 7
Music runs deep in my family. Though no one has made a career of it, my family has a long history of performing and appreciating music. Three of my four grandparents were musicians in high school and college, one of whom got a degree in music education. My father sang and played bass guitar in high school and college. My siblings and I are all in band and have been successful musicians. Because of the great diversity I have experienced…...
Music and the Brain
Words • 559
Pages • 3
Music has been a multicultural concept that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak. We tend to listen to different genres of music depending on how we are feeling or how we want to feel, like when we listen to sad songs when were sad and love songs when were in love it seems to be a way of expressing ourselves making us feel some type of way not only mentally buy…...
‘The Sun’s Tirade’ by Isaiah Rashad
Words • 1353
Pages • 6
‘Even with yet another prosperous year, there’s one TDE artist who fans have been waiting a while to hear: Isaiah Rashad’ ‘the rapper is noticeably absent from the poster for Top Dawg Entertainment's upcoming The Championship Tour.’ “Fans are left wondering where is Isaiah Rashad?’ After the release and success of his previous album Cilvia Demo, rapper Rashad had disappeared for almost two years leaving his supporters to speculate and curious as to where he had gone. In 2016 he…...
Rap MusicTruth
The History and Linguistic Structure of Hip Hop Music
Words • 1801
Pages • 8
Modern day hip-hop music developed its own linguistic structure and culture but through background and practice it can be understood just as any other language. When listening to or creating hip-hop music, we use a different form of language, which has its own rules and creative barriers. Given the culture and modern usage of hip-hop, it can be classified as a language within itself. The time in America that Hip-Hop music began to be recognized was a time characterized by…...
Hip HopMusic
History and Development of Piano
Words • 1558
Pages • 7
In the biblical days, many new instruments were developed from the harp and organ to the psaltery which are all mentioned in Psalm 150:3. As time progressed, so did many of the instruments known in those days. There were different styles and different developments that changed not only the sounds of the instruments, but also the way they were played. Many different variations of instruments formed over time (History of Piano). According to “The Origins of the Piano”, there are…...
PianoThe Piano Lesson
The Beauty of the Piano Playing
Words • 1002
Pages • 5
The piano aspect of music has increasingly shown many benefits and contributions to the modern world than just the skills itself. Some individuals grew up not knowing how to play the piano, while some grew up not even seeing a piano. However, most of them can agree that the piano can deliver powerful messages. In addition, piano melody can help individuals to relax in their most stressful times. Furthermore, playing the piano is a fundamental learning process that can help…...
PianoThe Piano Lesson
My Acquaintance with Piano
Words • 641
Pages • 3
My name is Frederick, Fredrick Johnson. I was a halfwit at school, a member of the dumb class, the mentally challenged, so they said. I was marked as incomplete in a politically-correct way, in other words a special needs student. Supposedly because I had no interest in school, did not care for my grades what so ever and took an imaginative approach to homework I was defined as such. As time went on, I started to believe in my inability…...
PianoThe Piano Lesson
Tchaikovsky’s Inner Struggles & Creations
Words • 1055
Pages • 5
Tchaikovsky's Inner Struggles & Creations Peter Tchaikovsky, a well-known Russian musician, made his mark through the creation of many operas, concertos, symphonies, and other works. He began as composition student and worked his way up to being remembered as “one of the most loved of Russian composers” (World Biography 1). Tchaikovsky made it through many ups and downs of his life, including family issues, struggling with his own identity, and a doomed marriage. While plagued by depression for many years,…...
The Sweet Music That Serenades the Heart and Soul
Words • 2700
Pages • 11
I listen to music every day of my life. The most popular genre for me would be classical, but it can range to Spanish and smooth classic rock as well. Each type of music definitely has a different feel to it. When I listen to classical music, for example, I feel a sense of peace and comfort knowing that it is familiar and rhythmically precise. I always begin to analyze music through an association with a location. I listen to…...
Music: The Gift of God to Human Beings
Words • 2774
Pages • 12
“God saw all that He had made; and behold it was very good” (Zondervan, Gen. 1:31). The Lord is the basis for all things good. When He made music, He wove the notes into everything so that it could be heard in the harmony of chirping birds with the melodic whistle of a gentle breeze, or in the accompaniment of the beat of rainfall between the chatter of distant animals. The Lord says in Scripture that during creation “the morning…...
A Comprehensive Analysis of Hard out Here, a Video by Lily Allen
Words • 1485
Pages • 6
In this essay it will examine Lily Allen's music video “Hard Out Here” (2015) by using feminist tools of analysis, which means that some representative scenes and lyrics from the music video will be picked out and paraphrased with reference to the course content. In general that four-minute clip depicts an ongoing liposuction operation on a signora who already has two children, while birth-giving might be the main cause of her obesity. To begin with, when questioning whether or not…...
Effect of MUS203 on My Music Acceptance
Words • 1537
Pages • 7
Before MUS203 my understanding of music was simple, there was always a good song and a bad song. As I progressed in my studies at college, I was enlightened, and my understanding of music grew more. By the end of this class, I understood how complex music actually is and how complexity cannot be ignored when trying to understand history. We learn from books people like Nina Simone that music is very complex and that in order to understand it…...
How Music Affects Your LifeMusic
The Most Iconic Folk Vocalist
Words • 360
Pages • 2
Joan Baez born of Mexican and Scottish descent was brought on this earth January 9th 1941 in Staten Island, New York in a quaker home her family eventually moved to California form an early age she experiences discrimination. But that did not stop her from pursuing her natural musical talents. She became a vocalist in Folk music and is one of the most icon people to this day in that field of music. In 1960 Baez dropped her first self…...
Legendary Guitarist Robert Johnson
Words • 477
Pages • 2
Robert Johnson also Known as “The man who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads, for guitar playing prowess. Robert Johnson lived a very short life and some of the dates are a little blurry, but the general understanding is that he was born around may 8th 1911 and died 27 years later on august 16th 1938 around Greenwood Mississippi. Johnson had about 10 siblings all 10 being born out of wedlock his mother being married to a…...
Bob Dylan or Robert Allen Zimmerman
Words • 485
Pages • 2
Robert Allen Zimmerman also known as Bob Dylan was born on May 24th 1941 In Duluth Minnesota. He and his family were raised in the community of Hibbing this is the high school he graduated from in 1959. When he formed his earliest bands he was influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. When he was attending the college of Minneapolis this is where he began to perform his folk and country songs at…...
Bob DylanMusic
Man with Smooth Voice B.B. King
Words • 466
Pages • 2
B.B. King also known as the man who sold his “The man with a voice so smooth it could melt butter” He was born as Riley B King in Itta Bena, Mississippi on September 16th 1925 (Rolling Stone) His parents divorced when he was nine, and his mother unfortunately passed away leaving him to be raised by his grandmother on her side. King dropped out of high school in the 10th grade to start picking cotton, and singing gospel songs…...
MusicMusic Industry
Barn Burning and Who Was Almost a Man
Words • 1554
Pages • 7
Becoming of age is a monumental milestone today and it was even more of one during the early to mid 20th century. Not only were individuals subject to the same personal pressure (internal and external) to do well as we are to today, but they also had to deal with how society was functioning at this point in time. These factors along with various other influences contribute to shaping an individuals’ personality and can even play into their decision making…...
Richard WrightSocial IssuesWilliam Faulkner
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Words • 1431
Pages • 6
INTRODUCTION The 18th and 19th centuries saw the rise of the Classical period of art in Europe, concentrated in areas such as Austria and Germany. The composer, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, better known as C.P.E. Bach, rose to prominence during this time. Although his name in modern times has often been overlooked or disregarded in favor of his famous father, Johann Sebastian Bach, during his time, C.P.E. Bach was regarded as the superior member of the Bach dynasty. As a…...
Classical MusicMercantilism
Music with in Black Art
Words • 895
Pages • 4
Emerging with the concept of Black Power, a group of motivated artists visualized an art that spoke directly to the needs and aspirations of Black America. This movement is called the “Black Arts Movement”. According to Larry Neal, The political values that are inherent in the Black Power concept have found ways in the aesthetic of Afro-American musicians, poets, and novelists. Just like Art is a form of expression, the movement was a way for Black people to define the…...
Concert Report: Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington
Words • 809
Pages • 4
I have picked three videos from the given Concert Report and Guidelines list. The videos that I have chosen were, Spring from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, When the Saints Go Marching In by Louis Armstrong, and Take the A Train by Duke Ellington. The last two pieces were my favorite out of the three so those are the videos I will be explaining in this essay. I appreciated Louis Armstrong's piece the most. I was truly delighted in the…...
Music Concert Report
Sonny’s Blues: Plot Overview
Words • 704
Pages • 3
“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin is a story of Sonny, a young jazz musician, who is addicted to heroin and arrested for abusing and selling the drugs. He later returns to his childhood neighbors after he is released from prison. Even though drugs remain central to the story, it is also clear that family, music, and struggling in life is evident in the story. Sonny tries to escape reality through music but is tied to addiction. The narration is perceived…...
AddictionHeroinMusicPlotSonny's Blues
Freedom of Expression and Rap Music
Words • 856
Pages • 4
Rap music is an incredible form of expression and monetary American where students should be proud. Unfortunately, rap music is not accepted by many Americans as an art form, but as something bad that they want to disappear soon. One of the things that I would like to see happen in the world is that it shows that rap music is not a bad thing, it's not something like a story, it's a musical form that has been in the…...
Freedom Of ExpressionHip HopMusicRap Music
Developing Listening Communication Skills
Words • 896
Pages • 4
Listening is a vital skill used every day by everyone and is essential for effective communication. Even before we are born, research has shown that fetuses actively process auditory stimuli, and can differentiate between music and language, amongst other sounds” (Worthington & Fitch-Hauser, 2018). This ability continues throughout life, showing that humans are attentive and listen to the world around us in order to make sense of the various stimuli coming into our brains (Tierney & Nelson, 2009). This research…...
Communication SkillsEffective CommunicationListening
Television & Modern Life
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Its daily schedule resembles that of a popular commercial station. It fits in with an 'average' daily routine with 'Classic FM's Easier Breakfast', 'Lunchtime Requests' and 'Drive Time'. It could be argued that this replicates the idea that radio is a medium that can be enjoyed whilst doing something else, rather than television that demands more of your attention. The station attempts to make the programmes more popular by using 'famous' presenters for example 'Henry Kelly' and 'David Mellor'. Classic…...
Song Of Myself By Walt Whitmans English Literature
Words • 1101
Pages • 5
“Song of Myself “, by Walt Whitman’s Background Song of Myself is a poem by Walt Whitman’s. This poem presents a continual stream of human consciousness, where he attempts to analyze death as natural and transformative process, which ought to occur to everybody. Walt Whitman was an American poet born in 1819 and died on 26th March 1892. The poet was born in Town of Huntington, Long Island, New York, U.S.In his previous years, Whitman worked as government employee ,and…...
LiteratureMy SelfPoetrySongSoulWalt Whitman
Exploring Latent Homoeroticism Theme in Whitman’s Song of Myself based on Section 11
Words • 1133
Pages • 5
Song of Myself is a poem of bold declarations that egotistically assert Walt Whitman’s place and purpose in the context of a world of immense scope and romantically instilled vigor. And yet located within this chaotic unfurling of identity there is one piece of the poem that stands out as a conspicuously reserved, reflective fragment. This moment of breath in Whitman’s otherwise energetic tirade is located at the opening of section 11, which deals with Whitman’s repressed homosexual longings. The…...
My SelfPoetrySong
Musical Boundaries
Words • 1677
Pages • 7
The authorities have real difficulty in extracting the musical boundaries that run into criminal behavior. However many performing in clubs grime experienced unwarned police investigation (Hancox, 2008). Due to increased firm popularity, London's Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) was applying discriminatory measures in order to 'lock off' venues and exclude artists from performing, as said by Hancox (2008) in interviews by London's live grime promoters. They also reported that venues imposed conditions where gigs are refusing to proceed despite the…...
The Child who Changed Music
Words • 913
Pages • 4
A Prodigy’s Childhood Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart began his music changing life. This brilliant composer would, later on, write over 600 symphonies, operas, concertos, and sonatas throughout his thirty-five year lifetime.At age seven, Mozart’s sister Nannerl started getting clavier lessons from their dad, Leopold. Wolfgang, who was only three, would sit on the floor listening to her practice. But he wasn’t satisfied. After Nannerl’s lesson, Mozart would go up to the…...
Classical MusicMozart
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Music Affects Traumatic Brain Injuries

Music is able to help the military and veterans overcome different scenarios that they have witnessed in their time of serving. It can help calm children, as they are getting ready for rest time, it helps calm their bodies. Also, it helps people that have Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), they also receive several benefits from music therapy. Also, it can help college students as they are cramming for a final.

Music Therapy Helping Veterans 

So, what is music therapy? The American Music Therapy Association defines music therapy as that it is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional. This definition may sound unclear, but to put it into better terms, music therapy is just using music to help people mentally and emotionally make it through complications in their lives. As mentioned before, music therapy can help the military and veterans through tough times. We all know that the military go through some hard and difficult times when they are serving. It is even harder for them to recuperate whenever they come back from war. When they come back, not only listening to music, but also playing music can help them get through the hard memories and they are able to recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD. Staff Sergeant Paul Delacerda came back from Iraq with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a Traumatic Brain Injury which caused him to have anxiety, loss of sleep and muscle pain. 

Paul Delacerda’s Case 

Before Delacerda went to war he knew how to play the drums, but when he came back, he had forgotten how. As he was relearning how to play the drums, he did not only enjoy it, but it was therapeutic for him. Delacerda said, “Music was what drove me to where I’m at today. Actually, it’s the reason I’m still around.” Music and relearning how to play again helped him get through his PTSD and TBI. According to the American Association of Music Therapy, music helps to improve motor, language, and social skills, it creates better balance, helps with managing stress and pain, and with breathing support. The impact of music therapy on the military and veterans has become more familiar over the past couple of years. Paul Delacerda started a music therapy charity for wounded veterans in Houston so he can show other veterans how music can help them just like it helped him. Veterans can come to Houston and they can do almost anything. Anywhere from playing music to managing a band.

Improving Mental Health in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases 

Music does not only help our military and veterans, but it also helps those with a Traumatic Brain Injury. People with a Traumatic Brain Injury suffer from having disabilities in the physical, mental and social parts of their everyday lives. Even though music therapists and researchers still have a long way to go, music therapy is still able to help them significantly, and it is still able to make a difference in their lives. According to Dr. Shantala Hegde of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, “music therapy helps with all three areas that people with traumatic brain injuries have trouble with. Music therapy helps to rehabilitate sensorimotor functioning which involves mobility, strength, and coordination. It also helps develop speech and language functioning. Cognitive functioning, which involves attention span, memory, and psychological skills, is also improved by music therapy.” After considering this, I wondered how does music helps with the development of their sensorimotor, speech and cognitive functioning. Music helps these three functions by the different pitches and rhythms in music, these involve attentional networks and executive functions, when put together. Music is proven to involve all cognitive processes. In Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI’s it is shown that when listening to music, the whole brain lights up.

Effect of Music on Stressed Students 

After viewing how music helps veterans and people that are suffering from a traumatic brain injury, college students also benefit from music. Even listening to music for a short period of time, helps reduce stress in students. There are positive effects on students that listen to music for a short period, as little as six minutes. In this short time frame of listening to music, serum hormone levels are lowered and stress can be reduced according to studies done by Rico Mockel, a scientist at the Institute of Neuroinformatics. For both college students and high school students, who are stressed every day, listening to music is a seamless way to relieve stress. It is also one less stress because it is free, and accessible to almost all of us. When I listen to instrumentals, it helps me feel more relaxed and less stressed. Music does not only help college and high school students, but also those in stress. There was a study done by colleagues of the School of Kinesiology on rats that had increased corticosterone levels. This is a chemical that causes stress, then the rats were exposed to music. Once the rats heard the music, their levels of corticosterone went back down to normal. If it helped lower the rats’ corticosterone levels; just think how much it can help a college or high school student, or anyone with high stress levels.

Conclusion: Benefits of Music

Music therapy, or even just listening to music can have positive effects on the mind and body. While listening to music, we now know that it helps veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, people who suffer with Traumatic Brain Injuries, and how it helps them improve their everyday functions. We also know now how it can help college and high school students reduce stress levels and just people in general. So, the next time that you are listening to music, whether that be when you are getting ready, in the car, or having a study session, just remember how much music can really do.  

FAQ about Music

Barn Burning and Who Was Almost a Man
...Both stories conclude in the same fashion, both young boys make the choice to run away in hopes of finding a better place. In The Man Who Was Almost a Man Dave was raised in a household that is perceived as physically abusive. In addition to this, he...
The Child who Changed Music
...A well known composer for these early symphonies is Giovanni Battista Sammartini. One of his compositions is the Symphony in F Major. This is a wonderful symphony, but the listener can clearly hear the difference in difficulty and drama when listenin...

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