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Mughal Empire Essay Examples

Essay on Mughal Empire

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India: unity in diversity

understood that all of us have multiple identities religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities. No one can claim single identity. One who demands single identity i.e. national identity does not recognize the reality but during India 's struggle for freedom no one thought in that manner they just thought of India 's independence. Modern India presents a picture of unity in divers...

Mansabdari system

The service obligations were reduced as a consequence, and they were paid for the number of months that they rendered service. The princes were the only ones who were paid salaries for twelve months; all the mansabdars were paid for a period of three to eight months, though, in exceptional cases, this could be extended to eleven months. When the empire was involved in continuous warfare against th...

20 reasons for Mughal decline

"The Mughal Empire and with it the Maratha over lordship of Hindustan fell because of the rottenness at the core of India society. The rottenness showed itself in the form of military and political helplessness. The country could not defend itself: royalty was hopelessly depraved or imbecile, the nobles were selfish and short¬sighted; corruption, inefficiency and treachery disgraced all branches ...

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I History of Taj Mahal

The cenotaph of Shah Jahan that was added much later is bigger than the cenotaph of his wife and is more simplistically decorated than his cenotaph above. Although the same designs appear on the sides of the sarcophagus elements, they are smaller in size. Coming out of such elaborately designed structure as Taj is like coming out of an era that had gone by, an era that added to the world in more t...

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Safavid and Mughal Empires

The three gunpowder empires were at the peak of their prime in the 16th and 17th centuries, but they ultimately disintegrated by 1800. This document goes to show what were some of the factors of the rise of these empires, and what were causes for their collapse. Big factors in play here were the use of religion to favor the people, how mighty was their army, and how they treated the common people....

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

The majestic Gateway of India is a glorious historical memorial built during British rule. This magnificent monument has been built in Indo-Sarcenic style to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay. Gateway of India is one of the finest example of colonial architectural heritage in India. This grand structure stands at the Apollo Bunder, a popular meeting place in Mumbai. T...

Mongols: Culture and History

A stranger anywhere in the Mongol empire never needed to worry about lodging or necessities with a set series of laws like the one previously mentioned. Another important topic addressed was adultery. Adultery was no joking matter to the Mongols. Anyone guilty of committing it was executed – no exceptions. A married woman in Mongolia was not to be touched under any circumstances even if she was ...

Urdu - The Origin and History of the Language

Nazam has changed the social and political structure of nations. The most popular nazam writers are Allama Muhammad Iqbal and josh. Both nazam and Gazal played a tremendous role to transform the thoughts of individuals and groups alike. In the history of Urdu literature Josh Mallihabadi was the grand poet who’s contribution is remarkable in the Urdu literature. Other forms of Urdu poetry are al...

The Mansabdari System

The watan-jagirs were normally granted to those zamindars who were already in possession of their watans (homelands) before the expansion of the Mughal empire. The mansab was not hereditary and it automatically lapsed after the death or dismissal of the mansabdar. The son of a mansabdar, if he was granted a mansab, had to begin afresh. Another important feature of the mansabdari system was the law...

Agra city

The most famous marble structure in Agra, in fact the most beautiful and fascinating monument all over India, completed the construction in 1653 AD. The Mughal King Sha Jahan built this as the final resting place for the queen Mumtaz. It is believed that it took nearly 22 years to complete the grandeur palace. There are 22 small domes over the Taj Mahal, denoting the 22 years and the verses of hol...

Mughal Dynasty

The first six emperors, who enjoyed power both de jure and de facto, are usually referred to by just one name, a title adopted upon his accession by each emperor. citation needed] The relevant title is bolded in the list below. Akbar the Great initiated certain important policies, such as religious liberalism (abolition of the jizya tax), inclusion of natives in the affairs of the empire, and poli...

Role of Youth in Enriching and Conserving Your Cultural Heritage

The caste system created a gulf among people leading to disunity and conflicts in the society. Child marriage, sati, untouchability, female infanticide and many other social evils were born in the Indian society. The widows in many parts of our country still lead a miserable life. The philosophical thoughts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Dayanand Saraswati, Rama Krishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Tag...

About India: History and Culture

These traditions are the essence of the marital institution, thereby strengthening the significance, chastity and faith in the same. Rangoli Rangoli, one of the most beautiful and most pleasing art forms of India, is comprised of two words, 'rang' meaning 'color' and 'aavalli' meaning colored creepers' or 'row of colors'. Rangoli basically comprises of the art of making designs or patterns on the ...

Kathak Dance

The repertoire includes amad ,the dramatic entrance of the dancer on stage, tukra, tora, and paran (improvised dance compositions); parhant (rhythmic light steps), and tatkar (footwork). Male dancers perform in Persian costume of wide skirts and round caps, while female dancers wear a traditional Indian garment called a sari. Kathak has managed to survive, retaining its identity and character. Thi...

The Rise Of The Mughal Empire

After his death in 1712, Mughal Empire was done. Powerful nobles were already breaking out of the Empire to form independent states, so much so, that, what used to be known as the Mughal Empire had become a collection of several small independent states. Although, the Mughal Empire disintegrated early in the eighteenth century, its ideology, political structure and military skills permeated the In...

Islamic Art

It can be said like that “Removing the sand from old rocks”. Conclusion Muslim art has been defined clearly. Research clearly shows that Muslim art is one of the most demanded and old forms of art in the world. Muslims has been working in this field since 7th century. However, when Muslims started conquering other states, they introduced new forms of art and craft there and now they are conque...

Understanding transgender people

The main problems that are being faced by the transgender community are of discrimination, unemployment, lack of educational facilities, homelessness, lack of medical facilities: like HIV care and hygiene, depression, hormone pill abuse, tobacco and alcohol abuse, penectomy, and problems related to marriage and adoption.In 1994, transgender persons got the voting right but the task of issuing them...

The new capital was Akbar's finest work

The news of Din-i-illahi and Sulh-i-kul were scrawled neatly on bright white scrolls and sent throughout the empire. Proclamations were put up and the news travelled fast through word-of-mouth. The people however were confused. Were they all immediately supposed to convert to this new and absurd religion? Emperor Akbar had never mentioned practices sacred scriptures or places of worship for Din-i-...

Situatåd in Chhota Bazaar oppositå old St. Ståphåns Collågå

Variations in thå gånåric form of thå courtyard comå from changås in matårials, articulation of thå ånclosing ålåmånts, scalå, proportion and complåxity of plan. Thå articulation of thå sidås of a courtyard is dåpåndånt on thå kind of building and thå usårs. By and largå thåy råcåivå a tråatmånt similar to thå åxtårnal facadå; thåy arå in fact facadås insidå t...

The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires

They all had so much religious tension because there were so much different religions in each empire that they were moving away from the ways of Islam instead of towards it. Foreign trade was decreasing or the Europeans were gaining control over the trade routes, so this causes economic stresses. The wars caused the empires to exhaust there resources and were not able to replenish them. In turn, t...

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