MS. Evon Chiu Is a Student Who Has Become a Specialty Abroad

Ms. Evon Chiu is licensed psychotherapist by profession currently and confer counseling service in Taipei, Taiwan, she worked both for Taiwanese and United States of America’s student who study abroad and facing various challenges during changing country during their study tenure. She got her BA degree from San Jose State University in Psychology and MA from University of San Francisco in Counseling Psychology, from United States. Introduction: The talk was including talk+ workshop which specially design for International students different challenges during stay in abroad.

The talk or workshop was focus both menatl, physical, cultural and social beahabiour changing and discussied how to overcome this issue in fruitfull manner. Ms. Ms. Evon was also International student during her study time in USA she knows better this situation and she also share her experience when she was an International student in USA.

She discussed different type of stress like relational stress which mainly for family, partners, professors, roommates, and co-workers. She also discussed map of 6 active adjustment when someone go abroad.

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She describes the 4 most common mental health issues for college students such as generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, panic attack and bipolar disorder. She enlighten 10 irrigational thoughts during study or staying outside of home emotional perfectionism, performance perfectionism, fear of disapproval, fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of alone, and fear of failure, conflict phobia emotophobia and entitlement.

At last she give us a paper we have to fill this and check our type of situation after filling my paper I found type B style which was cognitive style, is good for academic student and then she suggest some task to get rid of the issue.

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Main Content: At last the concluding point she discussed some points that how we can overcome the situation like we have to increase our self awareness like balancing life not totaly avoid anything we have to learn how to balance or manage problem, and second one is we have to carefully observed how and why these probel generate and try to minimize it, we have to always be happy and try to tacakle situation peacefully, she also motivate students us to become social and take part in differnt social sctivities when we have chance to join, try to change our living style which helps you to get relief life during stress what you want to do like music, exercise, walking etc., then you have to involve yourself and atlast you have to become strong to tacale these issues. Overall the talk was very fruitfull for International students during their stress time and if we follow some habbits then we can easily overcome this issues.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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