My Goal at the University in the Specialty Biomedical

The major i would like to pursue is Biomedical Sciences. I would like to go to the University of Pennsylvania. To get this degree I would be at the school of engineering. Biomedical science is a BAS degree, which means Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedical Sciences 1). This major deals with issues relating to human health, medicine, and diseases (Major: Biomedical Sciences). Subjects i would be studying throughout my courses are: anatomy, chemistry, genetics, biochemical and physiological functions, anatomical and historical structures, epidemiology, and lastly pharmacology.

During my studies i will learn how to maintain and promote health in humans and animals (Biomedical Sciences 2). With the education I’ve received during college i have the option to go into a career with biology or medicine, I’ve chosen medicine. I think i became interested in following a career in medicine while my little brother was in the hospital.

At first i wanted to become a nurse, but after he had a few surgeries I think I took interest in anesthesiology.

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Anesthesia is very interesting to me. It is fascinating how while using anesthesia doctors can perform procedures painlessly. Think about how without anesthetic drugs patients would be moving and feeling excruciating pain, which would make a surgents more difficult. Because I want to follow a career in the medical field, i thought it would be a good idea to major in a science related field and biomedical sciences interested me most. The courses required for me junior and senior year of college according to the University of Sciences are: Anatomy and Physiology sequence, Clinical Biology Course, Humanities Discipline Requirements, Microbial Science Lab, Introduction to Biostatistics, Biochemistry Genetics, Biological Sciences Seminar 1 and 2, and finally science electives.

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I would like to go to the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve decided this because after i get my bachelors degree i would like to go to Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine.

The university of Pennsylvania also known as UPenn or Penn is a medium sized ivy league college. The total enrollment is 11,874; 10,033 of those enrolled students are undergraduates; 2,412 of the undergraduates are freshmen. 9% of all applicants are accepted (University of pennsylvania). Upenn is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, which according to Apple maps is 122 miles/ 1 hour and 53 minutes driving from my house. The university has many recreational and historical/ educational activities. Their ice rink, Morris Arboretum garden, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, and DAvid Ruck Health and Fitness center all seem very enjoyable (cite).

To live on Penn’s campus the total cost of attendance to the college is $75,303 ,if you live in pennsylvania, this includes tuition, room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation. The cost of living on campus with just tuition and dorm ,if you live in state, is $71,200. The SAT scores required to get into the University of Pennsylvania are 1420-1560 out of 1600, ACT scores are 32-35 out of 36. 54% of freshmen summiter their ACT scores and 46% submitted their SAT scores (University of Pennsylvania). “Like other Ivy League schools, Penn does not award scholarships based on academic or athletic merit. Penn is committed to meeting your full determined need for eight academic semesters with grand-based aid.” – Grants and Scholarships page.

After college I would like to go to the Perelman School of Medicine because it has been ranked in the top 5 medical schools in the united states for 20 years( 2017) and their pediatric program is ranked #1 (cite). I would like to specialize in Anesthesiology and Critical Care. My career choices are either an Anesthesiologist or pediatric anesthesiologist. I have no idea where i would like to work but because i would have my medical licence in PA it would probably have to be somewhere in this state.

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