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The movie “Pleasantville” (Produced and directed by Gary Ross in 1988) is more than just your ordinary film. Pleasantville sends a message within a message. Not only is it a great film, (made popular by New Line Cinema) it contains numerous biblical references. Some of the biblical references in this film may be easier to… View Article

12 Angry Men

In the movie, 12 Angry Men, an 18 year old boy from a slum is charged with murder. He is put on trial for being accused of stabbing his father in the chest with a knife. Some of the first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights are shown in this movie such as the… View Article

Phases of Tragedy in Blood Diamond – the Movie

Complete innocence describes the hero to be dignified, because of their innocence. Their pride and strength is overpowered by something they cannot control. In the movie Blood Diamond, Soloman walks his son to school. Showing a typical, I deal way to show complete innocence. Also showing a perfect father/son relationship before all the rebels came…. View Article

A Descriptive Analysis of Hervé Bazin’s ‘Vipére au Poing’

This will describe and explore ‘Vipere au Poing’ from two views: the movie and the novel. Herve Bazin wrote ‘Vipere au Poing’ which was published in 1948 (Universite d’Angers). It is the first of a trilogy which consists of: a) ‘Vipere au Poing,’ b) ‘La Mort du Petit Cheval’ and c) Le Cri de la… View Article

Norma Rae

Webster’s dictionary defines “Union” as an organization of workers who act together to secure benefits and rights in the workplace. As a worker, you have a right under federal law to form a union, select representatives of your choice and bargain cooperatively with your employer. This helps balance the power that employers have over individual… View Article

A Walk to Remember

If I were diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would probably change a lot of things in my life. The majority of people don’t take risks or make rash decisions on a daily basis because they know it will impact them the next day. There are so many sayings like ‘live in the present’ ‘live… View Article

Mr Smith goes to Washington

Mr. Smith goes to Washington is a classic movie from the 1930’s which sends many messages. The film was about a senator, Mr. Smith, who was newly appointed because he was inexperienced and wanted to be used as a political machine so that he would uncover the corruption in the American government. Mr. Smith represents… View Article

Movie Analysis of Count of Monte Cristo

The Limits of Human Justice- Edmond Dantes takes justice into his own hands because he is dismayed by the limitations of society’s criminal justice system. Societal justice has allowed his enemies to slip through the cracks, going unpunished for the heinous crimes they have committed against him. Moreover, even if his enemies’ crimes were uncovered,… View Article


World War I is long overdue for a proper trip across modern movie screens, but Flyboys isn’t it. Director Tony Bill’s film captures all the cliché’s of every war movie ever made and rolls them into an experience punctuated by inconsistent performances and even more inconsistent storytelling. Snoopy’s battles with the Red Baron felt more… View Article

The Leadership of Michael Corleone

Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, is the main character in the Godfather movie trilogy. He is the youngest son of Vito Corleone, and brother of Sonny, Fredo, and Connie Corleone. In the first Godfather, Michael is introduced in his 20’s. He was enrolled in Dartmouth college, but to the chagrin of his family, he… View Article

Movie Analysis: New Moon from the Twilight Saga

In the movie New Moon the mise-en-scene is about a women named Bella who has survived an attack on her life and she is torn by love between two man but they aren’t average men. When Bella goes to celebrate her birthday with her love Edward’s family but Edward’s family who are vampires and cut… View Article

The World of Temple Grandin: Autism at its Best

“Temple Grandin” the movie is based on a true story about a child born with autism in the 1940’s. Autism is the impairment of social interactions with others, impairment of nonverbal and verbal communication, and the lack of make believe/social play and is found in all races, gender and society’s all over the world (2008,… View Article

300 Weapons and Strategies

The movie 300 is an action movie that takes place in 480 B. C near Greece. It is about the famous Battle of Thermopylae that mainly involved both the Persians and the Spartans. The Persian army, led by a king named Xerxes, is in the process of taking over several Hellenic states in Greece. When… View Article

Men of Honor

Cosby, B. and Robertson, S. (Producers) & Tillman, G. (Director). (2001). Men of Honor [Motion Picture]. United States of American: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation The movie begins by introducing Master Chief Leslie W. (“Billy”) Sunday (Robert DeNiro), a US Navy Diver, who has recently gone AWOL. The movie then flashes back 25 years, where… View Article

Nights at the Museum

If you only thought the movie “Nights at the Museum” was hectic in its twisted realism, nothing is more real than deciding what the future beholds. Just like the characters in the museum was ship to the Smithsonian in the movie, so the identity of this well academically renowned university art museum management strategy has… View Article

Beowulf and Grendel

The animation used for the movie, Beowulf was simply superb. I thought the characters were human but after a while, I noticed that they move quite differently so I learned that it was actually a motion captured film, like the ones used in Polar Express and Monster House. The effects were good, and the characters… View Article

Ethical Movie Review: Blood Diamond

0.1 Introduction The following essay will examine ethical issues addressed through the movie “Blood Diamond”. The two main issues identified and discussed are; child soldiers and conflict diamonds. My main lens of ethical theories will consist of the four western theories, this includes, egoism, utilitarianism, ethics of duties and ethics of rights. Even though these… View Article

Critique on the Movie the Prince and Me

This modern Cinderella inspired love story is about a Danish prince Edvard who falls in love with a commoner (simple and shy) Paige Morgan. Edvard and Paige first meet at a bar where Paige works, their first meeting doesn’t go well though(oh I thought first impressions matter). The first day of classes they discover that… View Article

Artificial Intelligence Related to Wall-E Robot

1. Technological Advancement presented in WALL-E that are existing A. Voice Command This technological advancement presented in the movie is using the voice to execute primarily commands in which we are telling on what should be done. B. Search Command This technological advancement presented in the movie is using also our voice in which the… View Article

The Tracker: a First Time Viewing Review

Across acres of harsh, barren land in “somewhere in Australia”, 4 contrasting characters are on the verge of despair (except the tracker himself) attempt to apprehend an Aboriginal man who allegedly murdered a white woman. Rolf De Heer’s haunting film tackles the controversial issue of the complicated relationship between Aboriginals and white men during earlier… View Article

Batas Militar

The movie “Batas Militar” is a good movie because it showed us what really happened during the Marcos regime. It showed us how President Marcos greed for power. He wants to remain as president of the republic even though he was not elected as one. Marcos was a good president because in his time, the… View Article

Life Is Beautiful

The movie “Life is Beautiful” is a pretty funny movie, but still very touching since it deals with the Holocaust and takes place in a concentration camp. The main message is still clear even though the Holocaust is being depicted in a comedic way, which is to “never give up”. Guido, a Jewish waiter in… View Article

Questions About the Movie

Leadership has always been about making a difference in the lives of people. You are there to supervise the actions that others would opt to take; and be there in order to accept each downfall and disappointment. All throughout her reign, Elizabeth never showed any sign of weakness to her people, especially when dealing with… View Article

Elizabeth: A Movie Review

Over the years, people have experienced the different kinds of lifestyle that are very difficult to comprehend. As far as men were concerned, the women were always taken for granted. They were given less privileges, and had to fall under the rules set by the men. Regardless of this perception, some of the women proved… View Article

Questions and Answers About Invictus

1) How does this movie demonstrate a country recovering from terrorism and racism? In the movie “Invictus” the leader of South Africa Nelson Mandela represents a God instrument to achieve the peace in South Africa. The terrorism already had caused big damages in the country. Fear was part of the diary life of this people… View Article

Crash Analysis

This movie was very captivating and it made you think of the impacts people have on each other. In every scene of this movie, one person always leads to another character, whether it be a Chinese man being ran over by the inner city car thief, or the rich wife of Rick Cabot being “unhappy”… View Article

Animal Farm

In the movie, I began to see examples of collectivism and individualism. For instance, in collectivism the group comes before the individual. The “experts” do all the thinking for the people. Which in this case, the pigs, Napoleon and snowball were the experts. They made the rules that the farm animals had to abide: all… View Article

The Crash

The most powerful scene in this movie is when the Indian man shows up at the end the Spanish mans house still upset his store getting robbed and blaming him for it. The Indian man has a fully loaded revolver. When the Spanish man get out of his work truck, the Indian man walks up… View Article

The Gods Must Be Crazy: Strong Points

Based off of the “Movie of God must be crazy” that we have seen in class, one can perceive deferent aspect of human nature. In the Gods Must Be Crazy” there are few separate stories that get tied together towards the end. One story is about a bushman who goes on a journey to return… View Article


The movie “Nuts” starring Barbara Streisand and Richard Dreyfuss was a great movie depicting a woman fighting in court to prove that she is competent enough to stand trial. Barbara Streisand (Claudia Draper) plays a call girl charged with first degree manslaughter. It is Richard Dreyfuss’ (public defender) job to help Claudia prove that she… View Article