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John wick Movie Review

In conclusion, the film “John Wick” might not win many awards, but it’s a true reflection of what is happening in the world today (John Wick, 2014). The producers do not try to be perfect in their work but rather, they want the viewer to feel the effect of presenting reality in the film without exaggeration. This makes it all good to beat the times in watching action f...

'OMG (OH MY GOD)' Hindi Movie

In which society Kanji Lal lives everyone is agnosticism but Kanji Lal is always opposite to them. There is one very interesting thing in this movie that he does not believe in god and worship of idols of god but he does a business of idols of god. Kanji Lal does not let his family to do the hard things related to the Hindu religion. As on Janmashtami, Kanji Lal's son was going to break the Da...

Law abiding citizen movie review

Overall the film was well worth my time. It was full of action and suspense. The quality of the film, to me, was superb. Everything from the acting, set, music, to the script, and the costumes were spot on. This movie opened my eyes to some of the things our justice system needs to greatly improve on. I enjoyed the well thought out storyline and how everything unfolded. It kept my attention and ke...

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Play Hamlet vs. Mel Gibson's movie version

As a result of these modifications, I felt this version of Hamlet was more fast-paced and engaging. It did not drag. I appreciated this production over the other Hamlet films I have seen, because it was made more interesting through director’s shifting camera technique. The setting and costumes of this play were also historically accurate for that time period. And the lighting was well done -not...

Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ is an American drama film made in 2004. It was directed by Mel Gibson, and is starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus Christ. This film portrays Jesus Christ’s life according to the New Testament in the Bible; also known as the gospel’s by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. The movie primarily covers the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s life, flashbacks of Jesus as a child with h...

"Wit" The Movie

Dr. Kelekian continued throughout the movie to maintain his role as an insult to the professional standards of behavior. At one point in the film, he used Vivian as a specimen of symptoms with a group of residents in her exam room without even obtaining her permission for them to enter. He completely degraded Vivian by not even acknowledging her presence, but by talking with his group of students ...

Сomparison between watching movies at home or at the cinema

Furthermore, we will have the quiet and nighty atmosphere and we won’t be worrying about disturbing from others while we are watching. In fact when we grab our family or our friends to watch a movie at the cinema, this could be a good and memorable experience. However cinemas do have some disadvantages such as going to the cinema could be more expensive than watching the movie at home, we may n...

Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper on the Movie Crash

The way he treated Cameron and Christine made it very apparent that he didn’t feel any shame in completely humiliating and taking advantage of two innocent people. However, as the movie progressed, you see him living with his dad and waking up in the middle of the night to take care of him and his health problem. Then you see him seeking out extreme measures to try and receive some alternate hea...

Wedding Planner Movie Summary Analysis

I think the film was an overall good portrayal of a wedding planner being organized, a friend, designer, decision maker, and service provider. Despite the romantic love story which was intended for the story line it did a good job of showing the main purpose a wedding planner has however, I do not think they elaborated very well on realistic features such a finances (a budget) and how stressful pu...

Jose Rizal Movie

Rizal, a brave and a man of his word, was never afraid whatever theconsequences he may suffer because of his writings that are against the friarsand also to Spaniards. His goal was to free the Philippines from the unjustgovernment of Spanish colony.In summary, the movie talks mostly of Rizal’s life until his death and thecreation of his great novels. The actors and actresses who acted on the mov...

"Wag the Dog" The Movie

Wag the Dog is a perfect example that should show people that it is possible to trick an entire country by using the idea of classical realism and postmodern/constructive thoughts and apply them to the real world. Public should be an active, thoughtful consumer of news and wag the tail, instead because we became more passive we get waged. Furthermore what movie has shown is that the two main chara...

Eagle Eye Movie Review

Eagle Eye is quite the far-fetched movie to say the least. However, we can see how manipulative technology can be by looking at the accounts of Jerry and Rachel. The female caller who symbolized technological corruption showed the frightening possibilities of a not so far away technologically centered world. Turkle has similar fears and foresights and realizes that humans are subjects to the power...

Fast and Furious Movie Analysis

According to Preserve Articles, there are some more points in being a primary group, two of which are physical proximity and identity of ends. Physical proximity is “connected with the fusion of personalities within the group”(Bhatt), which is exemplified as each of the members get together at the end at one table and enjoy a nice lunch together. This is a symbol of closeness within the charac...

The Doctor(Movie) My Essay

Though it's likely that a surgeon as prominent as Jack would get preferential treatment in certain quarters, his outrage at being reduced to one of the herd rings devastatingly true; it anchors the entire drama. The cruel irony of Jack's ordeal becomes an extension of how most of us feel if a serious illness strikes — that we've been made the plaything of some prankster god. The Doctor is far fr...

Movie Review of War Horse

I like to reference James 1:2 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him (NKJV). During the “After phase” soldiers are starting to seek help and getting back into their “normal Routine”. They have the will and want to be back to normal and having a better understanding...

Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison


Reflection Paper About the Movie "Every Child Is Special"

Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenge of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that there can be no gain without pain. It is only when one toils and sweats it out that success is nourished and sustained. Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are ...

Little Krishna Movie Analysis

The search for absolute truth is a true struggle in one’s life especially to the world we loved in now we are bound for lust temptations that answers to the materialism of this world. The teachings of Gita clearly state the things what one should be fulfilling and doing to appreciate and understand things which are deeply buried in our subconscious mind. Materialistic things do not justify and g...

The Effects of Horror Movies on Children

It's common for many children to be scared of the dark, loud noises and creepy-crawly bugs. While these fears typically dissipate with age, they tend to linger or intensify when children watch scary and violent movies. For example, watching a movie about ghosts may make a little one more scared of open closet doors in a dark bedroom. Fears are real to little ones, and if a child does watch a scary...

An Interesting Movie – Avatar

And lastly, the movie shows the importance of the balance in nature. The people of Pandora worship Eywa, a goddess who takes care of keeping the balance in their nature and their lives. She is very important to this group. When the battle begins, Eywa sends animals to help her follower’s defend Hometree, the center of life for the Na’vi. The balance between any species and nature is a major th...

The Breakfast Club Reaction Paper

The Breakfast Club is typically about five teenagers and their deviant ways but regardless of their differences they all have one major thing in common, they are struggling to fit in. Neither Andrew, Brian, Bender, Allison, nor Claire are truly their own person, they are all conforming in some way to fit in and they all have their weaknesses. They discover that they all have strained relationships...

Increasing Movie Ticket Prices

A multiconcept restaurant incorporates two or more restaurants, typically chains, under one roof. Sharing facilities reduces costs of both real estate and labor. The multiconcept restaurants typically offer a limited menu, compared with full sized, stand alone restaurants. For example, KMAC operates a combination Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)/Taco Bell. The food preparation areas are separate, but ...

Romeo and Juliet Movie Analysis

Many people will have their opinions on which movie version they liked better, which movie told the better story, which movie had the better plot, but Romeo and Juliet, the original 1968 version not only follows the plot and theme, but also gives you the way many people would’ve imagined it before they saw the new 1996 version. But if you are to see any Romeo and Juliet version first, I’d sugg...

42 Movie Summary

One of those people were Ben Chapman; he bullied Robinson until he almost lost it, but had a teammate stand up for him, and Chapman ended up having to take a picture with Robinson to show the world he changed whether he did or not. Another person who technically bullied Robinson was the guy who threw the pitch at Robinson’s head. His name I forgot but I remember because of that pitch to the head...

Critical Movie Review Psychology: Girl, Interrupted

I love this movie. It has been in my collection for years and I have watched in many times. This time through though, I was really focused on the girls’ behavior and the symptoms they displayed. I’ve always thought this movie applied to me a lot, helping me to suppress some of the feelings I have sometimes, and revealing that I need to stay on my meds as well. It also helps me know that “cr...

The movie Sybil brought out several different emotions and reactions

Much like Sybil, I didn’t understand why I had always had the nightmares, anxiety. I always felt like something was shamefully wrong with me, but if I kept it to myself they would eventually go away. Instead they progressively got worse over the past few years until eventually I was no longer able to hide it. Throughout the movie you meet most of Sybil's personalities, who all seem to want to he...

Interpersonal conflict in the Movie "Hitch"

In this particular movie the characters were using aggressive communication as a means of getting their points across. This could very well be relationship suicide. They should utilize a more assertive way of communicating to each other. While they were arguing they should have found a way to lighten the argument. According to Sole, “In happy marriages, instead of always responding to anger wit...

My Reaction Paper About the Movie: the King's Speech

That's why we see many kids who overcome problems in childhood, like dyslexia, A.D.H.D., anxiety disorders, go on to accomplish extraordinary things. They have developed a tremendous courage. These are the things that inspire us in "The King's Speech" and in the other people that have the same problems that we want to help. We know that Bertie is a better man and deserving king than his brother. A...

Gran Torino Monologue

When the man said that the car was being given to Thao, at first I thought it was a mistake but then the man went on about how Thao couldn't do anything to it. I was so shocked; I thought that it was completely unfair. I mean I have known my grandfather since I was born, well I've been alive when he has, and I'm even related to him and the boy only knew him for a week or something. I couldn’t b...

Psychological learnings of movie "Reign Over me"

When she is denied and is told that she will not be seen by him or any other dentist there you can then see the fragile self-esteem rising in her. Although I looks like Angela helped Donna out by talking to her in there sessions as well as helping Alan on the sidewalk and Charlie in their brief short sessions. In my opinion Alan did not just help Charlie with his problems and by being a friend bu...

Reaction Paper on 3 Idiots Movie

The movie may not be considered as an “obra maestra” but it embodies important, inspirational and life changing lessons that is not commonly seen in most films. There are only a handful of movies that can transform their audiences into better persons in just two and a half hours. Lastly, The film should be part of the curriculum of both college and high school students as well as vocational sc...

Heavenly Creatures

This was Peter Jacksons aim. He has specifically chosen this story due to its peculiar circumstances and presented his interpretation and exploration as to how two girls could go through with such an insane act, therefore he has developed this key idea and conveyed it successfully therefore making Heavenly Creatures a “great” film. Therefore this confirms that great films often hinge on the su...

A Pursuit of Happiness a Movie Review

The visual and sound effects of this film were impressive and had intensifying sound and visual scenes that were emotional, heartwarming, and remarkably outstanding and couldn’t match any other performance. This film won many awards and had eighteen nominations and various other awards including, the ASCAP Film and Television Music Award, and the best Capri Movie of the Year Award. The soundtrac...

Leadership lessons from the movie “Invictus”

His confidence and faith in the vision was too strong to be affected by his family’s dislike for Mandela. Francois came across more as a task-oriented and achievement-oriented leader than a people-oriented leader. Depending on the situation, Francois slightly altered his leadership style. He was an autocratic leader when he directed his unwilling team mates to provide training to the black kids....

Harry Potter Movie Review

They soon learn that something very valuable, called the sorcerers stone, is hidden somewhere deep inside the school and Voldemort is very anxious to lay his hands on it. Together they must use Hermione’s brilliant intellect, Ron’s joviality, and Harry’s bravery to stop Voldemort. In this epic action packed fantasy three friends learn the importance of friendship and that its power is unstop...

Cause and Effect of Movie Crash

Officer Hansen, assuming it was a gun the young black man was reaching in his pocket for. He shot the young man and killed him. The young man just happened to be detective Grimm’s younger brother. Officer Hansen must have realized in that moment what his ex-partner officer Ryan had meant when he had spoken to him at the start of the shift. Those words spoken had been the truth more than he wishe...

The Important Elements of Cinematography

The PIVOT VECTOR SPACE APPROACH is a new dimension in the field of AUDIO-VIDEO mixing. Before the advent of this technology, audio-video mixing was a process carried out only by professional mixing artists. However, this process is expensive, tedious and time-consuming. This entire scenario changed with the emergence of the PIVOT VECTOR SPACE approach. Since this technique is fully Automatic, it e...

Reaction Paper of the movie Les Miserables (1998)

No matter how messy our past had come, we could still make amends to it and make our lives better. Jean is a great example of such thing; he succeeded to become a mayor in a town despite his dark past. Life is difficult but it is in difficulty that we can appreciate its meaning. The miserable character of Jean in the movie teaches us the reality in life. Nevertheless, the bottom line is “It doe...

Movie Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley

If Steve Jobs didn’t let Bill Gates to be one of his employees, maybe Bill is not on where he is now. I guess, Steve Jobs would never find his daughter Liza and would be the wealthiest man on Earth. I can conclude that Bill Gates would do everything just to get what he wants regardless of the possible problems it could form and also regardless of the feelings of others. That’s why I can call h...

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