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Motherhood and Being a Woman

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The full quote is “For the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world.” It is from a poem by William Ross Wallace that celebrates Motherhood and the concept that what a person becomes in their life starts with what they learn from their mother and that ultimately, it is mothers that have the greatest influence on what we are or become.It is used to signify the greatness of mothers all over the world.It is said that as god could’nt look after all his kids he created mothers as his replicas and hence no matter what faith you believe in it tells us to worship our momsA Roman Catholic Cardinal once said : “Give us the children until they are seven years old, and you can keep them the rest of their lives.

He meant, of course, that the first seven years of a man’s life are the most impressionable, and that the teaching and training he receives as a young child will never be forgotten.

If in his early years he is brought up as a Roman Catholic, or in any other religion, he will be of that religion all his life.There is no doubt that the impressions made on the receptive nature of a child in his early years are not easily forgotten, and have a great deal to do with fixing his character and opinions for the rest of his days. Naturally it is the mother who has the greatest influence on the child.

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The child is with its mother all day and night; it is the mother that feeds it and cares for it in babyhood; it learns its first lessons at its mother’s knee; and most of its early moral training is given by the mother. The father is away from home at his work most of the day; and, though he has to take his share in the training of the child, his influence cannot, as a rule, be as great as the mother’s. It is therefore to a great degree true that men and women owe more to the influence, training and example of their mother in early childhood, than to any other one influence. What they do in the world as men and women is largely determined by what she did for them when they were little.

Thus she indirectly through them governs the destiny of the race; it is her hand that rocks the cradle, and it is her hand that indirectly rules the world. This is true whether the influence of the mother is good or bad. There are foolish and bad, as well as good and wise, mothers. The future of any nation, the future of the race, therefore, depends on the character and training of the mothers of the rising generation. It is therefore a matter of supreme importance that the mothers should be educated and fitted for their important task. This is one of the strongest arguments for the proper education of women. No race can be really strong and progressive whose women are ignorant and untrained.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

The women has reached her real women liberty status when she is the one who forgets her own wedding anniversary”. This was very well said by G.B Shaw and is often quoted but his saying was not true in ancient times. Women’s life was confined to the 4 walls of the house. She was oppressed and depressed. She was always dependent on someone like a wife on her husband, sister on her brother and daughter on her father. Times have changed now.

Manu the great exponent of law had said “ Where women are honored, gods dwell.” But again his words were not paid heed to and women were always considered weaker vessel. There were cases of domestic violence, ill treatment in hands of better half and in laws and no respect for their decision and career. Rita Dhaka, a dress designer from Delhi, India was rejected by 10 suitors not because she was dar, plain or obese but because her salary was much higher then theirs. This clearly shows that men have not been able 2 digest the fact that women are no less than them in any sphere.

It is said a women comes closer to god by her power of creation. This incredible ability to give birth to a new living being shows her tolerance power, sensibility, sensitivity and patience. Women have caved a way for themselves and have shown that they can survive in the self declared “men’s world” . They are flourishing in all fields and have made indelible mark.

According to bible “ God first made man. Then men in this world used to feel very lonely without any company so god made women. He made women from the ribs of the man and not from his head to be superior to him, not from his feet to be trampled by him but under his arms to be protected by him and from near his heart to be loved by him”. Initially women were just known for her beauty but now she is called “beauty with brains”.

Children usually grow up in the care of their mothers. For a baby his mother fondly feeds him with milk, pats him and cradles him. The baby is lulled to sleep in the fond hands of its mother. The baby in time grows up into a fine young man or women, who may even rule the world. It is to be remembered that the greatest conquerors of the world had all been helpless babies once. Had it not been for the fond care of their mothers, they would never have grown up to conquer the world. As a baby, it is dependent on its mother for everything.

And the mother usually takes pleasure in caring for her baby and seeing it grow. The child learns many things from its mother. The mother’s influence on the little one during the formative years plays a vital role in shaping the child into an adult-whether good or bad, hardworking or lazy, careful or careless, an achiever or a loafer. It is the mother who moulds the child into a great leader. So we can say that it is the mother who trains the little one to rule the world in future. The often quoted proverb underlines a mother’s influence on the growing child.

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