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Most directors of well-made movies

Most directors of well-made movies often have their own certain style of directing. The protagonist of Tim Burton’s films frequently are outsiders that do not fit in, which is shown in his movies such as Coraline, Edward Scissorhands, and Vincent. In these films, it is clear that he himself also has a certain style in which he uses non-diegetic sounds, certain angles, and colors to emphasize that the most things are not what they seem.

Tim Burton has long been well-known for his creative use of colors.

He puts in oversaturated and undersaturated color, often in order to add the surreal and dreamlike states to his stories. Such as in Coraline, a young girl’s dull, boring world transforms when she discovers an unusual doorway leading to a colorful “Other World.” In the scene where she’s admiring her Other Father’s garden, Burton utilizes bright pops of red, yellow, and orange in order to demonstrate how different Coraline’s real world is compared to the “Other world.

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” He shows the real world to have a grey color with a gloomy vibe, while the “Other World” is shown as happier and full of color. The world is certainly not what it appears to be, which is definitely expected from Burton and his style.

Burton has used certain angles very efficiently to detach and attach his character from a certain situation or person. In the movie Edward Scissorhands, there are plenty of examples such as crane shots, zoom in shots, and much more.

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In the scene where Peg has entered the room in which Edward sleeps in up in the mansion, it is showing an establishing shot. This scene is important because it is establishing the size of the figures and objects. We are able to see that the setting is in a dark place, with a huge area. Having the room so big it makes Peg look much more vulnerable, especially since she does not know if anyone other than herself is in the mansion. These angles help make the setting have a certain mood that may make the audience intrigued and keep watching.

Vincent is a silent film that is narrated. Therefore, Burton had to make it more interesting to the audience. Burton uses sound in quite a lot of scenes for the film Vincent. The film begins with diegetic sounds of the birds whistling in the tree even though we do not see any birds. Along with music of a panpipe being played, which can appear to be non-diegetic at the moment since a little later on, we will see Vincent playing the instrument. These two scenes are very important, not only is it the beginning of the film but it is also supposed to create a feeling of something sinister. They are supposed to make the audience want to know what is going to happen next. It may also make the situation disturbing, intense, or delightful.

Tim Burton wouldn’t be known as such a film genius in this generation if it wasn’t for his use of cinematic techniques. While they may seem like small, unnecessary details, they all play a very large role to create the message Burton strives to convey. Burton shows an uncommon perspective that not everything is what it seems.

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