Leadership Styles and Lessons: Beane and Bezos

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Sources of power

Billy Beane used coercive power as he would punish players if they did not perform to standards or if they did not integrate themselves successfully into the culture he was trying to build. He would punish them by either, releasing them or trading them. Billy Beane also used legitimate power. The coach would not agree to Billy's demands so Billy decided to use the power his position, as the general manager of the Oakland Athletics held. He would trade the players that the coach wanted to play so that the coach had no choice but to play the lineup that Billy wanted.

The coach could not do anything about this as Billy was his superior and incharge of the Oakland Athletics personnel

Jeff Bezos uses reward power as a way to motivate workers to work hard and provide all of their energy to Amazon's operations. Amazon prides itself on having versatile, smart and hardworking workers. Jeff Bezos knows how valuable such workers are, he holds on to them by offering them compensation through stock options.

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The better the worker performs the better his compensation will be. Workers know that if they perform to the standards of Amazon they will be greatly rewarded. Jeff Bezos also uses coercive power. Amazon is known to have a work culture that is very intense and demanding. There have been numerous stories of Amazon employees having mental breakdowns due to the stress of their job. If the employees do not perform to standards or if they do not embrace the company culture they will be fired very quickly.

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Leadership Style

Billy Beane was a transformational leader as he changed the traditional way of running a baseball team. Billy Beane brought a valuable and positive change to the outdated way that general managers, owners and scouts went about creating a championship level team. Billy Beane and the team he put together successfully integrated analytics into a sport that the majority thought was perfect the way it was and did not need change. Billy Beane also used autocratic leadership as he was the one that would ultimately make baseball related decisions and set the lofty goals for the organization. Billy Beane would ask his scouts for their opinions but, ultimately he would go with the player that he felt would best fit his team and what he was trying to build. The owner never really believed in the team after they lost their star players since they were a small market team, Billy Beane dictated the goals for the team and accepted all responsibility if his goals were not met. Billy Beane controlled all of the activities that were related to putting a competitive team on the field.

Jeff Bezos is a transformational leader. When he founded Amazon he had a clear vision, simplifying user transactions many thought he would fail once the brick and mortar giants of his time adapted to the new way of doing business. However, Jeff Bezos and his team successfully ushered in a new era of consumer spending and as result, Jeff Bezos has become the richest man on the planet. Jeff Bezos is also a charismatic leader. Jeff Bezos is self confident, enthusiastic and releases a contagious energy that influences his workers to work hard, embrace his core values and beliefs and has the general public amazed by his personality. An example of his enthusiasm and his personality on display would be his famous laugh when Jeff Bezos laughs it allows you to emotionally connect with an individual that you may have not been able to connect with before. Additionally, him expressing himself through laughter and fun allows his employees to embrace his human side, you want to work for someone who you believe is genuinely a good guy and is not simply a computer. Amazon employees are further motivated knowing that their boss is genuinely a good person.

Leadership Lesson

One leadership lesson I learned from Billy Beane is to always remain patient and not to act too quickly. Billy took his time with the team, even when they were on their horrible losing streak Billy did not act irrational. Even when Billy did make changes he remained patient as he had to give the players time to adjust and embrace what he was building. Ultimately, his patience would serve as the driving force for the teams success. When the Oakland Athletics were on their losing streak he could've very easily given up on his idea but, he remained patient and it paid off. Being patient is very important as during high stress situations it is very easy to fold under the pressure however, you must remain patient and persevere. I will use this lesson all throughout my life. When I begin my post secondary education there will be days where I want to quit however, I am going to have to remain patient and persevere in order to achieve my long term goals.

A leadership lesson I learned from Jeff Bezos is make people believe that they are as important as you are. Jeff Bezos did this by compensating his employees with stock options rather than cash. By doing this he made his employees feel as though they are also owners of the company. This further motivated them to work even harder for Amazon. This lesson is very important due to the emphasis that is placed on working in team settings. Looking at this very a broad point of view, you want to make others feel like they matter and that their work is valued. No matter the situation if you make people feel like they matter they will be willingly to work harder for you. I will use this lesson during my post secondary education. When I will be tasked with a group assignment I will make my group members feel like they matter. By doing so my group members will be more motivated to work hard at the task at hand and we will be more likely to succeed as a result.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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