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Minnie Wright in "Trifles"

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (572 words)
Categories: Character, Plays, Trifles
Downloads: 7
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In the story Trifles Minnie Wright who is the wife of John Wright, is being accused of murdering her husband Mr. Wright. After the body of Mr. Wright was found they find that Minnie was too calm and nonchalant about the situation so she became the number one suspect. Mr.Wright and Minnie did not have other people living with them in the house so therefor there really wasn’t anyone else to blame but Ms.

Wright. When the county attorney and the sheriff showed up and started looking for clues and evidence that will prove rather or not Ms.Wright were innocent her lady friends were also there. They were there to gather Minnie’s things together and to bring her the things that she will be needed while being in jail. They also took the time to run a little investigation on their own, they were looking all over the place but mainly in the kitchen.

The ladies were able to tackle the case since they can take a gander at things from a female perspective and in light of the fact that they do focus on the little things in life that the men see as Trifles. The men in the other hands overlooked all the sings and evidences. Back then women were told to obey their husbands and that men were superior to the women, that is the reason why the investigators ignored all the facts that pointed out Minnie. The women was able to figure out that Minnie Mr.Wright wife murdered him because he killed her bird. The ladies hide the fact to protect Minnie because they understood why she did it, and they all can relate to the abuse that Minnie was taking form her husband Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright was a man who utilized quietness and chilliness to control and form his better half into somebody he figured she should be. He slaughtered the singing winged creature, which was an image for Mrs. Wright as Minnie Foster.

In a roundabout manner, he executed her delight of singing, her soul, keeping her in her own \”confine\” which she cannot escape from. Except if she \”disposed of\” what or who was holding her detainee. Mrs. Wright, a rustic rancher\’s better half had been headed to the edge by her disagreeable spouse and their inert marriage. She had been segregated from her friends and family and took away from her adoration forever. Following quite a while of feebleness, she murders her better half angrily. Mrs. Wright\’s uncompleted work was the principal intimation found by the ladies. The subsequent piece of information has appeared through practically immaculate knitting done by Mrs. Wright. The most persuasive proof was the dead flying creature and the birdcage. The way of life and accepted practices directed separation or detachment as inconceivable. Free working ladies were disapproved of by society. The lawful status of ladies was comparable to crooks, slaves, and the crazy.

The job of a lady was constrained to duplicating kids, housekeeping, and dealing with their families while their spouses worked. Mrs. Wright and the ladies of that time couldn\’t break free. To begin with, Mrs. Wright went through a large portion of her time on earth secured up a ranch with a parsimonious, coldblooded spouse, and afterward an amazing remainder in jail. The ladies helping her disguise the proof was attempting to change not just Mrs. Wright\’s destiny however the destiny of numerous others like her.

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