Character Analysis of Mrs. Wright in “Trifles,” by Susan Glaspell Essay

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Mrs. Wright is a character non present at the scene. but for me. posed a great importance in the whole narrative. In the Story. Mrs. Wright was the married woman of the murdered John Wright. She was the primary suspect. since she was the lone individual with the Mr. Wright when he was murdered. at his instance. strangled to decease. Mrs. Wright. as told by Mr. Hale. was the individual he stumbled upon when he came in looking for John Wright.

It was besides Mrs. Wright who told him that John was dead. strangled to decease while she was kiping beside him.

She showed no look of heartache or daze when she was stating this to him. and even managed a laugh when she was asked where John was. She was arrested in the terminal. and that was when the scene in the narrative started. There are several elements to see when analysing the character of Mrs. Wright. There are more things than what meets the oculus.

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which is why it is necessary to size up the things she was with and the things she was making in the narrative. In order to make this. there was a demand to present two characters that explore Mrs.

Wright’s personality. These characters were Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. Throughout the narrative. it was through these two that the readers were able to understand Mrs. Wrights character more. even though she wasn’t present in the scene. One of the first elements that could be associated with Mrs.

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Wright’s character was the rocker she was sitting on. when Mr. Hale arrived and was looking for John Wright. The rocker represents Mrs. Wrights feeling at that clip. wherein she seemed to be at peace. but continued to sway in the hush of everything around her.

When she was questioned by the people who came into her house. she seemed confident with what she is stating. She was composure when she answered that John wasn’t about. and even managed a laugh when she said that John was dead already. She was calm in the interior. but deep inside her. she was troubled. instead. indifferent of her present state of affairs. Another component that serves utile for the expounding of Mrs. Wright’s character was when Mrs. Peters remembers the immature Mrs. Wright. where she used to be a choir member and wore pretty frocks. And that it all stopped when she became the married woman of John Wright.

This account has opened a door for the audience to believe about the life Mrs. Wright is populating. Is she happy being the married woman of the murdered John Wright? Or does his decease liberate her of some kind from the sadness that she was experiencing when she was with him. The skirt that Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale gathered for Mrs. Wright besides gave an apprehension of her yesteryear. wherein she wore pretty apparels and looked reasonably herself. and that it seems like she was being deprived of the happy and beautiful things in life when she was with her hubby.

Another expounding of Mrs. Wright’s personality was shown by the confusion in her house. of the unfinished undertakings she seem to hold started yet have found no clip to complete. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale had shown the audience a better apprehension of what it feels like being a homemaker. how one would experience uncomfortable with things left unfinished. This showed that there is decidedly something incorrect traveling on with the life of Mrs. Wright. something that could truly be utile in work outing the instance of the murdered Mr. Wright. The two are convinced that Mrs.

Wright has no jobs at all with being a homemaker. since she has started making things that a typical homemaker would make. Repair apparels. cook. make kitchen work. But because of an unrevealed ground. she wasn’t ever able to complete those undertakings. And that made the two ladies leery of the instance. The turning point of the expounding of Mrs. Wright’s character was when the two ladies saw the birdcage without any bird. They were slightly funny why the coop had no bird in it. since it would do sense that a bird is a perfect comrade for a homemaker like Mrs. Wright.

When they closely examined the coop. they found that it has a broken coop door ; something that made their intuition grew larger. If you carefully analyze what they were able to detect. the broken door wouldn’t make sense if there was no bird at that place. The broken door is a manifestation of force being used to prise opens the coop. who did it. was still unknown. The state of affairs that ended their intuition was when they found out about a dead bird wrapped in fabric that has its caput and cervix deformed because it was strung up. This was besides the losing piece that solved the mystifier of Mrs. Wright’s character.

They found out that Mrs. Wright truly had a motivation to kill her hubby. Mrs. Wright was a individual deprived of felicity whenever she was with her hubby. Her unworried immature yearss ended when she married John Wright. She stopped singing. she stopped have oning beautiful apparels. and finally lost all hopes in her life. The bird represented her leftover saneness. her staying hope in her life. But when it was taken off from her. she besides snapped. When the bird stopped singing. Mr. John Wright besides stopped populating. Mention: Glaspell. Susan. “Trifles” . 1916. July 15 2007. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. vcu. edu/engweb/eng384/trifles. htm & gt ; .

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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