Millennial Strategy: Baby Boomers and Ice Cream

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For millennials, a goal for the business would be to have a variety of different options. Millennial are used to having multiple options and by having a variety of flavors that appeal to different areas. We want an entire line instead of variation because millennials’ change their minds a lot. Maybe one day they decide that they real don’t like a flavor and want to try another one. Our package design will be inviting but also full of colors. We could add famous cartoon images to our packaging or promote different flavors based on certain influential figures that millennials recognize without being told.

Millennials are the driving force behind online advertisements (Smith, 2010). A recent survey found Millennials respond better to graphics instead of pop-up advertisement (Smith ,2010). I suggest advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat because as marketers we can be more creative with our approaches and add more graphics. When given an incentive such as discounts or rewards millennials will likely provide feed-back (Smith, 2010).

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For example, if we wanted to introduce a new flavor to Millennials, we could market the flavor on Facebook with video images and discounts coupons to get Millennials interested. We could also offer free shipping if we wanted more Millennials to purchase (Smith, 2010). Are distribution strategy would be to partner up with companies like Wal-Mart for an intensive distribution focuses that maximizing outlets to maximize sales. Advertising a family orientated message with an emphasis on social gatherings. This includes birthdays, holidays, and celebrations.

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Advertising a message of togetherness and enjoying the time spend around those close to you.

Baby Boomers

For the baby-boomers, we will have all the original flavors of ice cream. Offering products with more fiber and dietary options for those individuals watching their figures. The package design will be replicas of old fashion ice cream containers. Hopefully, they will recall some memories or certain flavor they enjoyed. The media selection for baby-boomers will be tradition advertising methods like tv and print. The use of mobile phone apps is limited amongst baby-boomers (Pew Internet, 2006). Social media can be use anywhere when you have a smartphone. However, this is not idea when referring to baby-boomers. We will senior citizen discounts. For example, 20 percent discount on every product purchased or placing coupons in newspaper articles. Our distribution strategy is exclusive, the goal is to have more control. This is important in referring to baby-boomers because they are keen on having relationships (Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2013). We can advertise the fact that we have a controlled environment that is customer friendly.

Discuss the differences between the marketing strategies for both and prove some strategies that will work for both?

The millennial strategy has a heavier focus on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is important amongst millennials because they are attracted to the graphic designs from advertisers. They hardly ever depend on traditional advertising methods like print. Millennials are also not affected by change and can adapt to change faster than baby-boomers. Our strategy for distribution is more big market and centered around maximizing profit and sales. Promoting the product through socialization that involves more than one individual for the enjoyment of the good.

The baby-boomers strategy is more controlled with an emphasis on the originality of ice cream. This brand of ice cream is selective and only offered at selected stores. Built on relationship with customers that offer them knowledge and information. Both millennials and baby-boomers have creative product type that offer customers a variety of flavors. Both products have different package design that are unique to the generation.

Both have different customers experience. The baby-boomers experience is like a visit to Chick-fil-A, the workers are friendly and show concern if the customers is unhappy. The millennial experience is like any other ice cream shop that has a storefront location and distributes products to big name grocery stores. The good can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world whereas the baby-boomers is limited because there are fewer chances to get the good unless you are in the location of the stores.

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Updated: Oct 08, 2021
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