Third is sharing information to one another. Men likes to show their own knowledge over the topic which they are conversing. Women like to build relationships with the people who she is talking too while she is sharing her information. This way this provides another with the opportunity to gain same level of knowledge that they have. When doing this this creates a “level playing field and builds a good relationship with their co-workers. Men like to compete with others speaking and tend to interrupt someone talking.

” Women wait for others to speak and then they want themselves heard. Most of the time women let their colleagues share the floor and speak the issue which is being discussed.” They can build a relationship this way among their co-workers as compared to men. When a man starts looking around the room and not looking at the women speaking the women tend to feel that he is not interested in the conversation at all.

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This does not tend to be true. Just because someone seems not to be interested does not mean he is not “mentally present in the conversation”.

Fourth there is a variation in body language between men and women. Body language plays a vital role through men and women communication styles. “Women use an abundance of non-verbal communication such as making eye contact, gesturing and animated facial expressions.” (Sherwood, Susan)“Women tend to be more highly expressive when speaking so it is very common to see a woman wave their hands, draw their body in by keeping their legs crossed and their arms and legs close to each other.

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” Men seen to be calmer and do not show any emotions at all. Women tend to try and acquire attention when men try to avoid the emotional conflict.

Fifth is how each build relationships with each other. Women are better at building a good relationship with co-workers within the office. Generally, men like to work alone and they “gain their leadership roles based on their abilities.” This causes an issue with men when they do not seek assistance when the need may arise.

We also need to look how each gender process information. Both genders process information totally different. When women must make a decision, they tend to think things out and process the information thoroughly and with men they will process the information until they come up with a solution to fix the problem. When men do this woman “tend to think that men have an unresponsive to suggestions and men think that women are looking for approval when they process out loud or don’t know what they are doing.” In doing this sometimes men think this is a weakness of a woman. You also need to look at leadership style. When thinking about the genders you will probably think that women are more “relationship oriented, and they tend to lead by consensus.” “Men tend to be more hierarchical and include the only people closest to them at their level in the decision-making process when they think it is necessary.”

In conclusion men and women have different styles of communication when speaking and dealing with one another. The best way is to know each other and how they communicate. This will help the process when communicating with each other. Each person has their own unique communication style and the best way is to make sure and know this and know that each of us will respond differently also when speaking.

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