Media Is Playing a Constructive Role to the Society. Discuss

Because of the extremely fast development of modern technology, people’s living condition has been changed entirely throughout the past decade. Instead of focusing on the material goods such as food and garments, we tend to strive for mental enjoyment; therefore, media has become an essential part of our daily life. When it comes to this issue, perspectives, apparently, may vary from individual to individual. Many people hold the opinion that media is positive to the society because of the large amount of information it brings to us.

However, as far as I am concerned, Media is destructive to the society because of its negative influence, too much freedom, and over expose. My reasons are as follow.

It is always top of my arguments that media is having the tendency of spreading negative influence towards the teenagers and young adults. For example, Hollywood produces thousands of movies every year, with the fact that more than half of them have the content of sex and violence.

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This will cause the effect that more than half of the movies that this generation watch is about the negative content, which can influence them toward these kinds of manner also. Apart from this, they may also have the possibility of using them in the real life. For instance, there are always scenes of smoking in the movies. Whenever they see these, they will have a desire of trying by them. Thus, Media is being extremely destructive to the society and human beings.

Another equally essential factor, which brings about people’s attention, is that Media is giving too much freedom to the users so that they tend to abuse it negatively.

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Recently, there was an online fight between all the netizens and Facebook users towards the Muslim race. Instead of having Internet harmony, the netizens choose to post and write something against social harmony, which can also cause the disagreement towards some certain issues that should have been solved quietly and easily. Only if the Internet is banned can this these kinds of fight and argument be eliminated; therefore, media is not having constructive effect on the modern society which indicates that media is playing a destructive role on it.

However, many people hold the opinion that media has provided us with an open platform to get to know and understand the information all around the world. They consider that media is the only material that motivate and stimulate the process of modernization and globalization. Instead of a negative influence towards the society, the media is playing a positive and constructive role and it makes our society progressing in a positive manner. However, in my opinion, although media may have these advantages mentioned above, they are just the byproduct of the negative effect that media brought to us. As far as I am concerned, whenever media is connecting everyone closer and closer, it also produces a high chance of loosing personal privacy. As long as there is information on Internet, there will also be rumors and leaking of personal information. Media is giving out our own property instead of protecting us. Judging from this, media is playing a destructive role instead of affecting our society positively.

In conclusion, based on the evidence mentioned above, I personally consider that media is playing a destructive role in the society because it has brought about negative behaviors that may be copied by the teenagers and young adults, and it has created too much freedom and uncertainty for the media users to carryout unacceptable or illegal activities and programs.

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Media Is Playing a Constructive Role to the Society. Discuss
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