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Meaning of Life

Sometimes I sit by my window watching car and people go by. I always wonder how people around me are living lives as complex as I am. It gets me thinking if we have a meaning of life. If there is no meaning, then does anything matter. The question people ponder from time to time “What is the meaning of life?”. This is a question that has been debated on for a long time, but we can’t agree on a right answer.

At this point I was fed up that there was no answer so I did what every person would usually do if they have a question. Google it! I typed as fast as I could into the google search engine. The definition stated, “the existence of an individual human being or animal” as I slowly read it, I was wondering “Is there any meaning or value of a human being’s existence?”. I was sure this definition was wrong.

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Life isn’t just about birth and death. It’s about everything in between. All the experiences you have had, happy times with family and so much more. All these memories count up into experiences we will look back on when were older. These experiences should be filled with happiness and fun but some of these experiences will be filled with regrets and sadness. This is just how humans are and without us having imperfections we wouldn’t be unique in our own special way. These imperfections include fears, feelings, comparing people to each other, regrets and what we think about ourselves.

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We all leave a mark and influence people in our lives for good or bad. Everyone perceives life in different ways. Religious individuals may have to look at life from what their religion say to do. Some people base their views of life off celebrities on the internet. People that are around us change our perception of life through actions, words and thoughts. I once met a person who changed how I saw life . When I first talked to this person they had this positive spark of energy. Whenever I said I couldn’t do something she replied with “Without the struggle your feel right now, there would be no strength”. These words of encouragement that changed my life in that second I felt like I was discourage like a person walking through a dark forest. When I found this incredibly positive person it made me rethink what is life. Life is how you want it to be. You can make scenarios happen if you believe in yourself and wait for the right moment. If you live life shooting for your dreams trying to do the impossible. You will land exactly where you want to be.

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