Me, Jake And Our Fishing Experience

When I was around the age of 13 I taught a young boy how to fish. Jake was a very enthusiastic child, which was very surprising for his age surprising for his age. He loved the outdoors more than anything in the world. I would go over to his house after school everyday and he always wanted to fish so, on one cool summer’s day there was a light breeze and the clouds covered the sun perfectly. Jake was so happy and excited to learn that today was the perfect day to fish, but the only thing is we still had to ask his mother for permission to go.

I asked Jakes mother, Jessica if we could go to the lake and go fishing. The lake wasn’t far and it was a clean lake and it was the perfect place for a child to begin to fish. As he waited eagerly for her response he began to become overly excited and began to frustrate his mother.

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She had made her decision, and sadly it was a depressing answer. As he hung his head and walked off I walked over to him and with a shrug of the shoulder and a smile I told him that we would go one day and I would teach him how to be the best fisherman there ever was. The smile that had clung to his face was no longer there, and I could tell he was very sad and I thought to myself “One day bud, one day.

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As arrived at his house the next day I told him that we would go fishing this weekend. The weather would be amazing and it would be easy to go with my mother allowing us to use the car. So he waited all week, marked every day on his calendar, and he asked me everyday “how long till we can go?” and as the weekend grew closer he grew more anxious. He was a rather eager child and I thought to myself “How can this small child be so excited to go fishing?”. He was determined to fish whether his mother allowed it or not. As Saturday arrived Jakes day was dragging by ever so slowly. As 3 o’clock rolled around he knew that we were leaving as soon as I pulled in the drive. I pulled in and he asked repetitively if I was ready to go. I gathered the supplies and the materials and off we went. It is about a thirty-minute drive to the lake and that thirty minutes seemed like hours to him.

As we arrived at the lake around 4 o’clock the clouds had begun to dissipate and the sun had begun to go down. As the car pulled to a stop he exploded out of the car door, hurriedly, he grabbed his fishing pole and as much other supplies he could and rushed to the shore side. Upon arriving to the shore he tripped and dropped all of the tackle and it spilled in the sand. He began to cry and apologizing for spilling the tackle. I picked him up and brushed him off and told him it was fine and not to worry we just had to pick all of it up and continue on. I asked him if he was ready to begin and he was overly anxious. I taught him how to release the fishing line on his fishing pole, and then taught him the fisher-men hook tie. I began to tell him “You put the string through the eye in the hook, pull it up about an inch, twist the hook seven times, and then slip it through loop.”. After that you add the worm and you are ready to begin to fish and from that day on he loved fishing. In the time I spent with Jake I realized that it’s the small things in life that matter so in a weird kind of way he taught me a lesson along with me teaching him a lesson. The smile on his face after his first catch was an amazing look. I was just bewildered how this one day and event made this child so happy.

Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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