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Jake and his Phobia of Monsters

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (450 words)
Categories: Monster, Monsters
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There was a boy named Jake. Ever since he watched a movie about monsters, he had a phobia of them. Jake believed that there were monsters everywhere in all sizes. He thought that they could appear anywhere they wanted at any time they wanted. His parents kept on telling him that monsters didn’t exist, but he didn’t believe them. His siblings ad peers made fun of him, but he ignored them. Every night, he feels like there is a monster under his bed but when he turns on the lamp and looks under his bed, there is nothing but a few toys.

One night, Jake had nightmare that monsters were hunting him down and spies were being sent after him. Of course, he believed it. He was very cautious and kept a lookout for monsters. Jake looked around him everywhere he went to make sure there were no monsters at that place.

The night after he had his nightmare he saw shadows on his wall. Those shadows were moving. He covered himself completely with his blanket and fell asleep after a while. The night after that, Jake saw what a silhouette of a monster that was looking out his window!

He was frightened, but he gathered all his courage to quietly climb off his bed and tip-toe up to the monster. Once he got very close to it, he jumped on it. He punched and kicked to monster frantically to hurt it, but Jake didn’t seem to do any harm to the monster. In fact, he was just getting more and more tired. He pulled its skin and threw it everywhere and this idea finally seemed to be working. Jake stated to feel something that was harder than the monster’s skin, so he assumed that it was the monster’s bone. He had killed his first monster.

Just then, Jake saw the lights turn on. In front of him, he sees an empty laundry basket. He turns around and sees his clothes which are thrown all around the room. He also sees his confused dad. Jake realized what happened and laughed at himself for being silly.

The monster that Jake saw in his room was actually his laundry basket which was overflowing. At first, Jake didn’t feel like the “monster” was getting hurt because he was just punching and kicking a bunch of clothes on his laundry basket. When he pulled each shirt off and threw it around his room one-by-one, he thought it was harming the “monster” because he thought the clothes were part of the “monster’s” skin. The “bone” was actually Jake’s plastic laundry basket. Jake explained to his dad why his clothes were thrown all around his room.

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