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Both very alike and shared by many people across the globe. Though they are alike in many ways. There is a plethora amount of evidence that explains how they are different. I will be explaining in this essay how they are alike and different by thinking about every little thing that is alike and different between the two. After this, it will be easier to distinguish each of them.

Hunting and fishing were both used as a primary source of food back in the day.

When they could walk down to their local wall-mart and buy meat and other food. They had to hunt for everything when they needed it. Then when it wasn’t a choice to go hunting or fishing they did it all the time. But nowadays hunting and fishing has evolved into something not as necessary as before years. Nowadays it has become a sport or hobby if you would like to call it that. We have learned so much over the past year that we are able to have both of them be a sport and have a competition for both of them.

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Back then I doubt they never thought of hunting and fishing to be a sport like we play baseball or football now. But there is one thing that has not changed between time. Time and dedication, you can not just walk out to the river or woods and ask for a fish to jump in your bucket or a deer to just die right in front of you.

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It has always taken dedication to hunt them deer are smart and are a little harder to hunt than fish.

Fishing is a lot easier to do than hunting there is not as much preparation that’s needed than hunting. When you go hunting and lets just say we are hunting with settlers and nomads. You got to be quiet to where a mouse doesn’t hear you. And be blended in somewhere. And you got to aim at the deer to make sure you make a good hit on it. Now let’s say we were fishing. You just walk to the river with a net or speer. And you don’t have to be quiet or have to blend in to something you can just walk right up to the river or lake and start fishing. If you used a net with fishing you can just leave it in the water and let the fish go in it. And come check it the next day. As for hunting you got to sit out there for a long time and wait for the perfect chance to get a shot on the deer. Also, there is different bait you use for each of them. Fishing you will use worms or grubs. Hunting you will use corn or grass. You can’t just put worms on the ground in the woods and expect deer to show up and start eating them. You have to switch baits to what your hunting or fishing.

Although hunting is shared across the world and is both different and similar at the same time. Many people take pride in these because of their ancestors did the same and had to live off of it. We have going to hunting and fishing to live, to a hobby and i can’t wait to see how hunting and fishing with evolving next.

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