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“Marrying Absurd” by Joan Didion Essay

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Marrying Absurd is a writer based on marrying in Las Vegas and how easy is getting married. This write is writing by Joan Didion, he is a novelist and essayist. His purpose in this essay was to show readers that everyone can marry in Las Vegas whenever they want. A couple just should pay for the license and an ID that show that they both have the age requirement to get married. Marriage over there is a way super-fast and ship.

Las Vegas, Nevada is a state that everything in the party because of the casino and the tourist visiting every year. Las Vegas has made such as the title of “What happens in Las Vegas stay in Las Vegas”. Because of this title, people are more likely to go to Las Vegas and go wild. This title is more know that people find love or a partner in crime over there, it is just a place to have some fun.

Las Vegas never sleep because of the casinos, places, and the tourist that are rounding around. Didion stays that you can go to Las Vegas single, find a partner and get married, avoiding that there is not love. Just with eighteen years old, a girl can go and marry without getting parental and the men just swear that he is twenty-one. In contrast to Florida girls with eighteen years old steel need parental sign until twenty-one. Didion specifies that they must swear, but yes they need to show an ID. Nothing more is required. All you need is want to get married, is that absurd? Didion stays what is likely and absurd is to get marry on Nevada. Didion focused on be sarcastically and show how to marriage in Las Vegas is absurd compared to the traditional way.

The traditional way to get married, is known each other first, get in love on day by day basis. Then get to know the family, where they come from if it is a good family. Because it is going to be your family too. Sometimes living together before marriage could help building a good marriage in the future, or decide whether is the person you want next to you. Nowadays most couples live together before marriage and they become a successful family at the end. Then the ring ceremony, this date the groom prepare a good place and give a special ring to the future wife. Later, picking a special date to get married that for both mean something. Pick a good Dress for the girl and a men suit. This part is very important and most time for the bride. A good place for the wedding, and a delicious food. Everything must be perfect for the bride sake. The traditional way has been for years important for many people. It is special and people has memories remains forever.

According to the text, marrying in Las Vegas is a way faster to get married. It is way more ship that the traditional one because the couple just pays for the license that is way more ship than a hiring a pop and get married in an expensive hotel. Getting married in Las Vegas just take one day, the traditional could take a minimum one month. In the end, it is the same marriage certificate and the same legitimate certificate, but it is still a bit different still. In Las Vegas, the couple marries without the family being there, sometimes an unknown person walks the bride, and there is unknown witness sign for the couple’s “love”.

There are still people that think that a marriage certificate does not define the love that they feel for each other. These couples live for years have children, grandchildren and still does not want to get married, and yes they are the happiest one. Inside them, a piece of paper does not define anything. Other couples, all they think is getting married no matter what, and when they get married, they fail. Their relationship based on a certificate and that is not everything. And these are the couple that goes to Las Vegas and got married because all they want is a marriage certificate. Also, some women get married to an old man just to get his money. They forget that marriage is about love. Most couple that marries in Las Vegas does not love each other. Sometimes they are drunk because Las Vegas is like that, 90% of people that goes to visit Las Vegas get wild.

In my belief, marrying is very important and Las Vegas is demonstrating that anyone can marry whenever they want without getting in so many details. If you have 20 boxes, you can just go with your partner and get married. They give you everything, dress, main suit, witness, everything you need. At some point that insane. Sometimes the couple just met at the casino or bar and they are drunk, they do not each other, just take the decision to get married at that time. The Court of Nevada is giving the couple that does not even know their name the opportunity to get married. What happens next, they get the divorce at the next day, because they do not know each other that much to make the thing that a married couple is supposed to do, or just live in different cities. A lot of tourists go every year, or once in all their lifetime to Las Vegas casinos and get drunk, wild, and that is awesome, but they are getting crazy about the “marring thing”. As we all know Las Vegas is the city of marriage. And yes, a lot of couple marriage there and as today they are still together, but that’s not all the cases.

What about if the bride is the fifth teen and the bridegroom is sixty. It is the same they can get married in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has no law that the bride must bring the birth certificate or more than one proof to demonstrate that is eighteen years old. So, it is a big concern if the bride is fifty teen years old, looks like twenty and have a fake license ID. It can happen though and still get married to an old person or just a man that is basically 5 years more. There is no law that says to them that they cannot get married. But that is not even legal, but they can get married. There is no love between a fifty teen years old and old men of sixty. The fifty teen years old probably feel an illusion calling that love, and the old men just are his middle life crisis and want to be with a young girl. Without so much paperwork everyone no matter race, age, or religion can get married.

Marring in Las Vegas is very controversial; couples can have their honeymoon at the same time. For some couples choosing Las Vegas for the day most important in their life is like a dream. A broom can give a dream ring in the middle of the casino if the girl says yes, they can marry at that exact moment. They are just following the emotions of what happened at that exact moment. They can dress like stars. These are most common on emerging adulthood stage between twenty-five and twenty-four, when both couples are in love and do not know the significance of marriage, and want to live a crazy moment like Las Vegas court propose to them. These marriage thing is engaging more young people to marry early in life, and became wife and groom when they are not prepared.

On my perspective on this topic, marrying in Las Vegas is wrong. Most people that get married in Las Vegas do not love each other. If the couple loves each other, they get the time to prepare a wedding according to their money but very special to them with the family and friends, not in Las Vegas without the people that care about them. And maybe get the honeymoon on Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada court is good for people that do not have any money and they want to get marriage and a marriage certificate is so important for them. And by the way, Vegas is not that ship to go, so if they go to Vegas is because they got the money to pay a flight, is better if they invest that money on a near court. The court is just a low profit for people getting crazy about Vegas and the marriage thing and getting wild and drunk. It should be a law that restricts the way of the wedding in Las Vegas. It should be more paperwork like others court to sign a yes, and start to live a married life. People should marry in the traditional way, and it would stay memories last.

To summarize, Didion point of view say that marrying in Las Vegas is absurd and explain the reason why and how is the marrying is done. I think the same as him, Las Vegas court of Nevada is making more people get married and are increasing the divorce papers. Wedding taking over there does not last long, it just part of the getting wild in Las Vegas. As it says “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”.

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