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Marketing Mix Apple Essay

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In the economy, the marketing has an important position which decides almost the success of the company or the brand. Most of well-known brands in the world also have a good marketing plan; Apple is the best example for having excellent marketing strategies. In this essay, the marketing mix strategy of Apple will be discussed to understand how Apple makes their high value in more details.

The first thing to take account into marketing mix strategy is the product. As already known, Apple is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sell consumer electronics, computer sofware, and personal computers.

Apple provides the customer a wide range of product that covers many field of technology. For instance, the most special invention of Apple is Apple Macintosh, they have many kinds of Mac with many different size and options of configuration. Moreover, IPod was known as the first mp3 player of the world. It is not only the mp3 player but also the symbol of music fashion.

Until now, IPod still affects gradually to market of mp3 players. In addition, in the last five years, Apple has created new-brand market for smartphone with their special product – IPHONE. From IPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4G, 4Gs to 5G, IPhone always make a big wave to the technology world. That proves products of Apple always have strong range to the technological market. What is more, another invention of Apple that also makes a new move of technology is IPAD. It leads for a new century of tablet. Now IPad may be known as the best tablet in many customers’ s mind. Beside that, Apple gives their customer many other products such as iTunes, accessories, and service.

Second, price also is important part of marketing mix strategy. The price of all products of Apple is now low compared to their competitor’s product’s price but there is a reason for this issue. Apple is the premium brand that does not compete on price. They may dominate the market even though their price may be quite high in some countries. Generally, Apple is proud that their products is union between technology and liberal arts so they not just sell products, they sell art. IPhone, Ipad, and IPod also are symbol of fashion. In conclusion, the price of Apple’s product is made for their customer’s value.

The next is place. Apple’s headquater is located at Infinite Loop, Curpetino, California. They have over 200 retails around the world. Major cities have at least three big stores, more important, the customer not only purchase products but only can test them, receive supported imformation, and they may not buy products if they do not want. This is the key of success of Apple to satisfy their customer.

Finally, promotion create difference of Apple’s marketing mix strategy. Apple just use launching new product to promote their products with their great ability of presentation of Apple CEO – Steve Jobs. Moreover, Apple does not join CES exhibition or any advertising. In addition, Apple made a big unchangeable symbol in customer, therefore, the customer always compare their product to their competitors’s prodcuts. It is indirect to promote for Apple. Beside that, the online Apple store offers free ship for the orders over $50, iTunes gift card, and special discount for refunished products.

In conclusion, marketing mix strategy creates the brand of Apple. There is a wide range of product such as Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, and Mac with suiable price for their prenium brand. They have big network of great retail and unique promotion.


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