Marketing Discourse Communities

Marketing Discourse Community- most simply defined as “The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. “ from business dictionary. Marketers use common language For example, 4 p’s of marketing: something used everyday and defines marketing. Learned the first day of intro to marketing class. Outsiders would not know what the 4 p’s are.

For different discrouse communities there needs to be places they can all unite and come together to discuss their field Site I used was by a professional orginazation BMA.

BMA: The Business Marketing Association (BMA) is a professional association for business-to-business marketing professionals. It began in 1922 as the National Industrial Advertising Association. BMA now has more than 2,200 members in 22 chapters in the US.

This BMA site is a place where marketers all over the world meet too:

  • Get information
  • Share information
  • Become a member
  • Find speakers
  • Learn about events
  • Use resources and forums and current buzz

Promotiong “Blaze” global marketing put on by BMA

They say “Our board believes b2b marketing is entering a new golden age, with marketers dealing with change (thus, opportunity) at blazing speed and being asked to take on bigger roles to help blaze paths to greater collaboration, customer focus and growth.

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” Can tell about this community they are very into getting better and getting more information: VERY interesting for a marketing site it is very straightforward and neutral Not a big production and eye catching like marketing is known for To me this tells me they are very business like in this site and want to learn and communicate.

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Watch blaze video that incoroporates a lot of marketing techniques (AIDA) attention interest desire action

First impression of site

White background, red header, black tabs underneath labeled with About, Press Room, Join BMA, Resources, Speakers Bereau, Chapters, Member Directory. Underneath the blaze video and then two columns. One has featured articles with a “read more” quick link for interested users. Second column to the right has upcoming marketing events with the date, place and time for users. Then far right of page has some different advertisements for viewers. Language of the home page is fairly simple and clear to all users. As navigate away from home page the design stays same but language becomes more specialized. Examples:

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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