Marketing Campaign Essay

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Marketing Campaign

The Westfield Shopping Centre provides a complete shopping experience, from arrival until departure. To start, all complexes have exclusive parking lots, where parking your vehicles is safe. Also, the parking is free for the first two hours, and by going into the movies, an extra free hour is earned. For more convenience the Auto Pay system is available where it is possible to pay the parking without waiting in any queue and a Valet Service and car wash are also available. Inside the shopping center, it is possible to find a great amount of all kinds of stores and brands. Furthermore, a Concierge is at hand on the first floor to assist the shoppers, indicating store locations, or for solving any problem.

The newest service created by Westfield is the Gift Cards, where the customers can offer their families and friends a card with certain amount of credit where its possible to spend in more than 8.000 stores, or how Westfield prefers to say, the gift of choice. These are some examples of exclusive services that Westfield created and has been innovating to attract and retain even more clients. To assist in this task, the Marketing Department has been evolved specially in the digital field. A Nielsen study showed that Australia is the country with the major average time spent in social media per person, about seven hours a month. Attentive to this market, Westfield has developed digital marketing strategies targeting this kind of customer, the online one.

At first, the website is completed renovated, and it is possible to compare between a large amount of retailers and products and make purchases directly from the website. Also, free return methods are available, making the experience of buying online more comfortable. Another digital marketing strategy was the creation of the Westfield Insider, which consists in a blog that is written by Alyce Cowell that was chosen among 1.450 applicants in a contest. In this blog she shares about her outfits, fashion and lifestyle tips, shopping finds, smart buys, and talk with the consumers about shopping. It’s a very smart strategy since customers trust more in other customer advice.

The creation of Super Saturday was also a creation of the Marketing Department, which included in the Australian calendar a day with special deals and discounts, similar to United State’s Black Friday. Furthermore, Westfield launched a mobile app called My Westifield, which gives to the shoppers personalized shopping experiences, with a technology that is called Autograph, which allows the shopper to choose their favorite stores and brands, and then the app will show a wall of content and offers based on their preferences. What is most interesting about this app is the protection of the consumer’s privacy, Westfield doesn’t keep personal information and nor preferences. Also, Westfield has a massive social media presence. One of the top creation is the availability of a stylist that helps consumers with wardrobe dilemmas 24 hours 7 days a week.


The best method to evaluate the success of Westfield’s digital marketing strategies is using numbers and measuring their social media impact. Using analytics tools available on the web, it is possible to measure the access numbers of a website. In the case of the website, its clear to affirm that it is a successful website. According to the website tools, is in the 318th position in the raking of the most accessed websites in Australia, have an estimated of 28.000 daily visits and the visitor stays on the website for about 3 minutes, which is a high number, whereas in a browser it is possible to change a content in just one click. An interesting observation is that this website has 4.800 other websites linked to it.

The Facebook account has 430.000 likes and 2.2 million visits, and the posts have a lot of interaction specially in posts that contain questions and suggestion ideas, for example, one post that starts the debate about sharing the corridor in two lanes, one fast and one slow, this post has more than 2.000 likes and more than 100 comments. Another relevant number is that Westfield has more than 5.000 followers on Twitter, and has more than 3.800 followers in the Westfield Insider Instagram account. These numbers and information represents how successful the Westfield’s digital strategies are, and with the innovative and creative marketing department higher numbers and interactions will be reached soon.


Due the success of the Gift Card campaign, and based on these remarkable digital strategies, my campaign aims to combine reward cards and the digital medias, with the clear objective to attract more customers, increase the Westfield brand value and be a satisfactory action for the shoppers and the retailers. The idea consists in developing three new cards, but different from the gift card, these new cards will be to reward the owner of the card. The three cards will be known as Silver, Gold and Diamond. These cards will be easily obtained by the customers in every participant retail, remembering that everyone starts with the Silver Card. With this card in hand, each purchase will provide a certain amount of points.

Each 5-dollar spent in one Westfield retailer is equal to 1 point in the Silver Card. When the shopper achieves 200 points, they will be able to exchange the Silver Card for the Gold Card. In the Gold Card, the rules change, each 8 dollars spent in one Westfield retailer is equal to 1 point. And to be promoted to the Diamond Card, the shopper needs to achieve 300 points. When the shoppers achieve this amount, they will be able to enter in a select group of the Diamond Cards shoppers. Each card will benefit the shoppers in a different way. The silver card allows the shopper to receive special offers and to participate in promotions. Obviously, if there is a lot of silver cards, the odds of winning is lower, so which card provides a more exclusive rewards.

With the Gold Card, besides receiving special offers, consumers will be able to participate in promotions with highly valuable rewards such as travels and cars, and to receive invitations to stores openings and brands tests. And the special clients who achieve the Diamond Card will be a VIP shopper, they will participate in promotions with higher valuable offers, special invitations for parties and VIP passes and have a private lounge in the shopping when they can drink a coffee, use Wi-Fi, receive a massage, just like an exclusive airport room for VIP passengers. The retailers will also benefit from this campaign, because they will purpose the special offers, so will provide more interaction with the customers, the perfect time to announce a new collection or a settlement. And all the Westfield digital media will be available for them to use and disclose themselves. Therefore, this campaign will benefit the shopper, the retailers and specially the Westfield Shopping Center.

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