Managing food and beverage operations

Questions 1

Beer/ciders and wine beverage

Beer and wine has become more popular beverage to drink with today's generation

Simply because its simply affordable and accommodating for all generations. It's is very cost effective as it generates a ot of money on most free standing bars and restaurants

Today's generation is more casual than formal

It's consumed by a lot of young people simply because they prefer cheaper affordable things and it attracts a lot of crowd if there's maybe a special or combo and that can be very good for business

When serving coffee

  • Hygiene must be taken into consideration
  • Coffee pots must be cleaned before making and serving g coffee.

  • Pot must not be hot cause it might explode.

Methods of properly making coffee

  • Remove the grounds holder from coffee maker. Throw away and clean or rinse the holder.
  • Remove sanitary wrapping. Shake the filter pack to evenly spread the coffee.
  • Place the filter pack in the grounds holder, seam side down
  • Replace the grounds in the coffee maker
  • Place clean coffee pot under grounds holder.
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  • Pour water into the coffee from a measured pitcher or clean coffee pot

Press start button or brew button.

Allow water to pass through the ground coffee before serving any coffee.

Turn on the reserve burner. Move the full pot of fresh coffee O reserve burner

Remove grounds holder and throw away

  • Rinse the holder and replace it with a new one
  • The coffee cup should be served to the guest with the handle facing to the right and the teaspoon placed on the saucer.
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  • also on the right. One teaspoon is required for the coffee, one for sugar and one for cream.
  • if provided. Etiquette cannot be relinquished: teaspoons should not be mixed up.

Serving Tea

Tea. Ab be made with loose tea or tea bags.

When making tea, the water should be at the boiling point when is poured over the loose tea or tea bags.

The teapot or cup should be kept hot a d tea should be allowed to steep for no more than five minutes

Should be served immediately

Most guests prefer to place their own tea bags into the water.

When preparing tea service for guest

Beverage server usually preheat a ceramic pot by filling it with boiled water and letting it stand. While setting up the beverage tray.

On the beverage tray they put cream, sugar, a spoon, a mug or cup and saucer, a teabag and a lemon wedge,

They fill the pot hot water.

Tea drinkers like to refill but are often overlooked

Iced tea is often prepared with one ounce tea bag immersed in water that has reached boiling point, like hot tea it should steep for no more than 5minutes then poured into a glass with ice.

Serving Beer

Beer is served from a keg. Server should hold the glasses near its base and then tilt it slightly under the tap so that he first few ounces of beer will pour down the side of the glass.

  • Server should open the beer tap dispenser quickly and completely
  • Server s should tilt the glass to an upright position as it tilts
  • They should pour beer directly to the center of the Glass to form a head.
  • Finally the server should close the tap quickly and completely when they are done pouring
  • Bottled beer is served with Glass many times as frosted glass

Serving wine

Before you begin to offer a wine service to your guests, make sure that your glassware is correctly assembled and is clean and free from marks.

Present the guest with the wine list and inform them of any wines you may not have in stock.

Take the guests wine order and repeat the wine order back to the guest to ensure the correct order has been taken.

Remove unwanted / unnecessary glasses from the table and place the correct wine glasses down on the table - a red wine glass for red wine, or a white wine glass for white wine, depending on the order. A water glass is also common practise as many dinners enjoy water and wine with their meal.

Know the correct type of glassware

Present the bottle to the host or guest with your hand cupped under the bottle or at the base of the bottle and neck resting on your forearm with label facing out.

Announce the vintage name of the wine and varietal of wine.

Open bottle with a corkscrew and offer Cork to the host or guest.

Let host or guest to taste and refill the guest glass.

Serving champagne

Know the correct glassware

Pour champagne about one third of a glass and let foam settle

Then pour more

Fill each glass to about half full

Server lift the bottle as they pour so that when they finish. The bottle is about six inches above the glass

They give the bottle a slight twist as they finish pouring as this will prevent dripping of champagne

Servers should step back as soon . As they have served everyone so that they don't interfere.

Servers should ask guests if whether they should chill another bottle and have it ready or open it to allow it to breath. AS needed the server should refill the guest champagne glasses

They should also bring fresh glasses of champagne for everyone.

Serving alcohol with care simply means that the server must take in account the health and wellbeing of the customer

The server should be able to handle the issues that might happen during the drinking of customers.

When serving alcohol with care the server should always pay attention to the alcohol consumption of the customer, make sure that they don't serve alcohol to the person who is already intoxicated because that's one risk of serving alcohol with care.

The traffic light system

  • It is an easy to use method in hotel bars
  • It's a method of recognizing and rating the guests level of intoxication.

The system is based on the traffic light.


Green means that the customer is sober and the actions to take are as follows.

Encourage the customer to order something to eat while having something or before drinking.

Serve them one drink at the time.

Don't bring alcohol to them without them asking for it.

Suggest a designated driver to them if your establishment has specials offers.


Yellow means that the guest or customer is getting intoxicated actions to take include.

Take the situation seriously as it is easier to deal with them at this stage.

Strongly encourage the customer to eat something.

Wait for the guest to re order.

Inform manager about the issue.


Red means the customer is intoxicated.

Talk to manager.

Suggest for a driver and ask permission from manager to stop alcohol service.

Painstakingly track Your food Costa

Knowing your food costs has a huge impact on your bottom line. Not just in tracking the expense, but also in calculating how much your food items cost, how much to charge for add-ons, what the high margin items are (that you may want to promote) and what your loss leaders are.

  • Your Employees are your Sales force , train them to think that way.
  • Train your employees to use the upsell or the cross-sell.
  • Track sales of bar and wait staff to reward the top monthly sellers.
  • Set ticket time goals for kitchen staff to reward when they meet those goals for an entire shift.
  • Share a percentage of profits with the wait and kitchen staff.
  • Implement a rewards program for employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.


Confirming supply orders, restocking at the right time, planning the schedule and the menu each season is one of the most time intensive tasks a restaurant manager has on their plate. The right technology can help with that.

Attract New Customers With New mediums

Think of Generating Revenue Outside Your Restaurants doors.

Leverage on your existing customers Because they are you biggest marketers

Do combo specials, offer interesting happy hours strategies, this increases restaurant and bar profit because it attracts the crowd especially the young age group from 18-21 because they like and prefer cheaper things.

Use up selling techniques.

Keep your liquor cost under control

Host events and ask your staff for new ideas and suggestions.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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