Managerial Competencies - Personal Experience

I often perform the role of a producer, director, coordinator, monitor, facilitator, mentor, innovator and broker as a manager. These roles keep on overlapping in most of the situations. I feel that all these roles are essential to become an effective manager. These roles are actually prime factors that are required for successful completion of a task. These factors are responsible for gaining confidence of the team as well. I promote excellent working conditions and team spirit amongst my team members so that they are able to perform in a positive and conducive environment.

Whenever there is any change, I try to produce change management strategies so that the team members are able to adjust to the new situations accurately. I also produce ways so that people are able to utilize their maximum potential. I possess the ability to delegate tasks according to the ability of my team members. I know how to direct my team members in a tough situation, even when I myself am not sure whether my ideas would click or not.

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I always provide confidence to people even during testing times and keep on boosting their confidence till the very end.

If in any case, my team experiences a failure, I do not loose my integrity; rather prepare my group for the next task in hand. Hence I work as an excellent director and I am happy about the fact that many of my team members feel that I have the capacity to save the team from all problems.

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The reason why my team excels in all tasks is that I am an excellent coordinator. I fill up the void between different sections of my team. I carefully pass on information from one team to another without creating any confusion.

There are many situations in which I hear complaints from one team member about another. In such a situation, instead of passing on raw information; I try to put the truth in such a way that it does not create any animosity between my subordinates. Thus I coordinate in such a manner that the problem gets solved without any hard feelings. I monitor every activity of my team so that I am able to identify problems before they instigate any harm. I also monitor the way things are proceeding and accordingly advise my team members about the strategies they should incorporate to gain a better result.

This skill of mine ensures that I am able to accomplish the goals set by me and my team within the set deadline. I am a facilitator of opportunities, ideas, strategies, help, guidance, empathy and confidence to all my team members. I never indulge in partiality and treat everybody equally and am there for my team members even after my working hours. I think the role of a facilitator is an extremely important role for any manager as the team members look up to the manager in need of all the above mentioned factors. A manager is a mentor of his team mates.

Sometimes the manager consciously tries to be a counselor, guide and consultant of his team members and tries to correct their actions or behaviors which are for the good of all. While at other times the team members try to imbibe his good traits by just observing how he behaves. Thus either consciously or unconsciously, the manager becomes a role model of his team members. This is a role in which I need some improvement, Many times; I forget that the team members are looking up to me even when I am meeting them informally.

I forget that a manager is a manager always and even if I forget the role I am playing in my organization, my subordinates will never forget it. I think I will have to be more aware of my status as a guide and mentor of the group in all situations. I have to use my innovative techniques in a better way. I feel that I rely on the tried and tested formula of growth more than trying to incorporate some new ideas. I feel secured this way. But I should bring more adventure to my work responsibilities. I will have to understand that failing once or twice does not mean that I am an incompetent leader.

I will have to take failures if any, in my stride so that they teach me valuable lessons of life. I think my role as a broker to work as an intermediary in critical situations is fairly good as people keep on coming to me for help when they are amidst any problems. I am happy about the fact that in most of such situations I emerge as a winner and have gained popularity for my skills of being a mediator between people having two conflicting viewpoints. I was not a good broker a couple of years ago, but became one with practice. Two years back there was a severe tension between my teammates.

It was a challenging situation for me. This situation continued for more than a year but finally peace prevailed in my team after my constant effort of playing the role of an intermediary and trying to explain both the parties about the pros and cons of their stand. Gradually they were able to accept the reality. I must say that in all this intervention, I got severally hurt by people’s undue remarks that I indulge in partiality or I am more inclined to accept a certain member’s point of view etc. However, I kept on with my aim diligently and saw light through the tunnel at last.

Team mates also realized that what I was doing was for the good of all and not out of any partial feelings towards or against any group. Hence the role that I perform best is that of a director and the role that I perform in the least well is that of an innovator. In order to improve in this ability, I will have to start observing other leaders and also start reading a lot of self help books that would provide me the confidence to surge ahead without any fear. I will have to make myself abreast of case studies that lay emphasis on the innovative quality of a manager so that I am able to imbibe those techniques in my leadership.

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