Low Class Area And Guite Dangerous Area

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In a community where half of the adult’s lack supervision of their kids and let their own kids run all over them and let them do whatever as they please, is sadly from a community I live in. Located Beltway 8 and Aldine Westfield also known as East Aldine is a community that is mostly known as low class area and a quit dangerous area. East Aldine can be a very peaceful place but there’s always a hand full of people who act so ignorant and causes this peaceful community to turn and sound horrific and nasty.

 Riding around or walking in this area can be a complete filth, we got some people who just throw their trash all over the place. For instance, when I’m riding around the area, you’ll see bags of trash ripped all open and thrown on the side of the rode or sometimes even in the middle of the street and people will run over it and act like they don’t see the trash, causing them to drag that trash further.

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Then we also have stray animals that roam the streets and end up getting hit. Poor animals, instead of picking up the animal getting injured, others let them just sit there and suffer until they give up.

And when they die, the animal is just lying there for couple days or even weeks when the flies and maggots coming from the deceased animal. When growing up, the children are supposed to be taught manners and to be respectful.

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In this community, it’s like kids/young adults never heard of respect. All of this happens because of the adult allow it to happen, they allow the kid to do whatever they want and run all over them and this is the reason why kids walk around and act like if they don’t have any home training. For example, I had gone to a friend’s house and my friend had an older brother who was always in trouble for being so rude to his siblings and parents. I was sitting in the living room with my friend and her older brother comes and tells his mom ‘I’m leaving, and she would tell him, ‘No, you can’t go’. And his response, he exclaimed and said, ‘Shut up bi**h and mind your business’. She stood there and did not say one word, and this kind of behavior makes the kids act ignorant which causes the community to look like the adults have no control over their kids. Since kids/young adults act like this, it leads to the community being dangerous. These younger kids run around and try to look for trouble and if they can’t find it, then they’ll start trouble.

For example, just a couple weeks ago group of teenagers were driving, exiting 59 and East Mount Houston when a car had cut off the group of teenagers and the teenagers followed the car home and shot up the car. When kids are driving around with guns on them is when you know that either their life or someone else’s life is in danger.  Despite the ignorant people that make the community look filthy and dangerous, I’m surrounded by lovely neighbors who make the community itself much more peaceful, lovely and safe. My neighbors may seem a little nosey but that’s what they do, we look out for each other. If one of us sees something that looks a little suspicious, we call that neighbor to let them know, and if they ask us to check it out for them, we do it. And what I love about my little neighborhood is that we all get together and try to make the community a better and safe place.  Even though East Aldine is considered a low-class area, it can be a safe and peaceful area, if we the people, more as in the adults, decrease the lack of supervision on their children.

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