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Upon the burning of our house
Original title Upon the burning of our house
Author Anne Bradstreet


Language English
Characters Anne Bradstreet, Simon Bradstreet, Mercy Bradstreet, Sarah Bradstreet, Elizabeth Bradstreet, Margaret Bradstreet, John Bradstreet, Antipas Bradstreet, Timothy Bradstreet, Tituba ...
Published 1666
ISBN 978-0-547-52727-2
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In Upon the Burning of Our House,” Anne Bradstreet reflects on the fire that destroyed her home and everything in it. She begins by expressing her gratitude that her family escaped the fire alive and that they were able to save some of their belongings. Bradstreet then reflects on all of the material possessions that were lost in the fire and how they are now just ashes. She acknowledges that these things can be replaced, but she also recognizes the sentimental value of some of the lost items. Bradstreet turns her attention to the fire itself and reflects on how it consumed everything in its path. She compares the fire to death and how it is inevitable and unstoppable. In the end, Bradstreet finds comfort in the fact that her home was not the only one destroyed by the fire and that she is not the only one who has lost everything.”

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