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The Bloody Chamber
Original title The Bloody Chamber
Author Angela Carter
Genre Novel , Fiction , Magical Realism
Language English
Characters Mr. Lyon, The Snow Child, Beauty, Signor Panteleone
Published 1979
ISBN 978-0-14-118271-4
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The Bloody Chamber is a collection of short stories by Angela Carter, first published in 1979. The stories are based on fairy tales, andCarter herself has said that she was inspired by the work of the Brothers Grimm.The collection includes The Bloody Chamber,” “The Tiger’s Bride,” “Puss-in-Boots,” “The Erl-King,” “The Snow Child,” and “The Company of Wolves.”In “The Bloody Chamber,” a young woman is married off to a wealthy older man, and is soon locked away in his castle. She discovers that her husband is a sadist who enjoys torturing and killing young women. The woman eventually kills her husband, and is able to return to her family.”The Tiger’s Bride” is a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.” A young woman is taken captive by a tiger, but she eventually comes to see him as more than just a beast.”Puss-in-Boots” is a retelling of the fairy tale of the same name. A poor miller’s son inherits a cat, who then helps him gain wealth and status.”The Erl-King” is a retelling of the German folktale “Der Erlkönig.” A young boy is lured into the forest by the Erl-King, a creature who wants to eat him.”The Snow Child” is a retelling of the Russian folktale “Snegurochka.” A childless couple create a child out of snow, and she comes to life.”The Company of Wolves” is a retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood.” A young girl is warned not to stray from the path, but she ignores the warning and is taken by a pack of wolves.”

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How do you respond to the view that in the stories in The Bloody Chamber Angela Carter presents a sinister distortion of family relationships?
...The subversion of typical family roles in a way that is nonconforming to what the reader considers the norm often proves to be disturbing and adds to the suspense of the stories. Carter often uses the distorted family relationships to suggest that da...