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What is Manifest Destiny?
...The Trail of Tears was an unfair, and cruel way to force people, like the Cherokee, out of their homeland, to travel 1,200 miles away while risking catching diseases and illnesses that so many of the people on the journey died from, against their wil...
The book The Man Who Knew Infinity
...The author does not lend a “lenient” flavor to the book, but rather a narrative to Ramanujan’s life, with brief commentaries and facts on society and culture. It is a shame that this interesting man, and intriguing human being, died at such a p...
How was the Gupta Empire (India) scientifically advanced?
...Saran, Santosh and Ravindra N. Singh. History of Science and Technology During Gupta Period. Prachi Prakashan. New Delhi. 1994. The source contained some relevant information in the beginning that was accurate and of good quality. It gave specific in...