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Original title Odyssey
Author Homer

Epic Poetry

Language Homeric Greek
Characters Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Polyphemus, Circe, Sirens ...
Published 8th century BCE
ISBN 978-0-7432-1186-1
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About ‘Odyssey’ Book:

It’s a common misconception that The Odyssey belongs solely in the epic poem genre because it is written in a poetic form. In the first place, the book is based on The Iliad. The Illiad’s plot dealt with Odysseus’s Trojan War, whereas the Odyssey’s plot deals with what happened after the war.

As you read on, you’ll see that both books aren’t just poems; the content is what sets them apart. As the book contains Greek deities and goddesses, Greek mythology can be seen throughout. Many people believe this to be a fable because of the mythical nature of the Greek deities.

Even though both books are written in the form of poems, as you read further, you’ll see that the content elevates them above mere poetry. As the book contains Greek deities and goddesses, Greek mythology can be seen throughout.

Because the story is being told by the protagonist, Odysseus, about what happened after the war, it can only be an allegory. In every line of a poem, there are hidden meanings to be found.

Many different types of literature are found in The Odyssey, making it an obvious candidate for classifying as a composite genre book.

Book Summary

Ten years after the fall of Troy, Odysseus still has not returned to his kingdom in Ithaca. A mob of suitors who have overrun his palace and pillaged his land continue to court his wife, Penelope.

Prince Telemachus wants to throw them out but does not have the confidence or experience to fight them. Phaeacian princess Nausicaa shows Odysseus to the royal palace. The hosts, who have heard of his exploits at Troy, are stunned.

They promise to give him safe passage to Ithaca, but first, they beg to hear the story of his adventures. Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, visits his old nurse, Eurycleia. Penelope suspects that he might be her long-lost husband. She organizes an archery contest and promises to marry any man who can string the bow.

‘Odyssey’ quotes

  •     “Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.”
  •     “Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier; I have seen worse sights than this.”
  •     “For a friend with an understanding heart is worth no less than a brother.”
  •     “You terrible man,/foxy, ingenious, never tired of twists and tricks.”
  •     “Trust me; the blessed gods have no love for a crime./They honor justice.”
  •     “Sleep, delicious and profound, the very counterfeit of death”
  •     “And empty words are evil.”
  •     “out of sight, out of mind.”
  •     “Few sons are like their fathers–most are worse, few better.”
  •     “Aries in his many fits knows no favorites.”
  •     “By hook or by crook, this peril too shall be something that we remember.”
  •     “Tell me, O Muse, of the man of many devices.”
  •     “Iron has powers to draw a man to ruin.” 
  •   “With that, the owl-eyed goddess flew away like a bird, up through the smoke.”

Essay Structure on ‘Odyssey’

Writing an essay has never been an easy job, especially for students. But to help the students, we are going to explain how students can write the best quality essay:


Students are expected to begin all their papers with an introduction, a common practice in academia. With the help of a three-part essay structure, an introduction sets the stage for the author’s claims in the essay’s main body.

Three things must be addressed here: capturing the readers’ attention, contextualizing the message, and clarifying the text’s goal. Students must accomplish all three of these goals. While there are many ways to begin an essay, these are the most common.

Before you start writing the essay, try to know which detail from the Odyssey best shows that Odysseus can be vain. Also, it is important to know that Shakespearean character in the Iliad crossword. In a nutshell, you must completely understand all the happenings of the story!


Your essay’s body contains the evidence you’ve gathered after much research. Here you can express your thoughts, raise issues, have discussions, and provide evidence to support your position. There should be enough room for your points of contention. If you make a point, you’ll have to make many of them.

Also, don’t forget to discuss how are the greek values of family and perseverance are  shown through Odysseus’s return home. It will increase the interest of the readers.


The conclusion is the final section of an essay’s three parts. It’s a place for writers to put their thoughts to rest. At the end of an essay, there is a good chance that readers will have lost track of what the author is trying to accomplish. As a result, the authors should restate the thesis statement in the conclusion section to remind the audience of the paper’s original purpose.

 A summary of the author’s arguments, counterarguments, and refutations should follow. Scholars must also demonstrate the validity of their arguments in the face of contradictory evidence. A closing statement should summarize what the author says at the end of the essay. In this section, students should explain to their readers what would happen if their ideas were implemented. In other words, they should emphasize the practical implications of their argument.

6 Tips to Consider While Writing An essay about ‘Odyssey.’

Introductions are crucial because they establish the tone of your entire essay. It should pique the reader’s interest and give them a sense of what they can expect from the book. Introducing a topic takes up 10–20% of the total amount of written content.

Read the book thoroughly:

It would help if you always gathered your thoughts before writing something down. Write as many ideas as possible for your essay based on the question or thesis you’ve been given. It would help if you came up with as many as you can in your time, knowing that you can discard those that don’t work later.

Find a compelling topic:

As an alternative, ask yourself, “What about this topic interests me? What amuses me the most?”

If you can’t come up with anything that excites or surprises you, your research isn’t thorough enough. History, science, and literature are rife with unexpected discoveries. “We used to believe that the world was this way” is always the story behind great ideas. The world is quite different from what we had previously thought.

Surprising facts are often the best sources for topic sentences, too. Build your essay’s body paragraphs on these facts or ideas, and use the outline to guide your writing. Hooks like this will help you transition from one topic to the next with your readers.

Create the outline:

Starting with your thesis statement, you can begin drafting your outline. Many people think the outline process wastes time, so they don’t bother. An outline can save time because you won’t have to go back and forth from one idea to another without any clear direction.

Make sure that each paragraph in your outline contains only one main point. Your reader may become confused if you cram too many ideas into a paragraph. Check that your main points are related to your thesis statement, which will help your argument stand out.

Write the thesis statement:

A thesis statement encapsulates the essay’s aim in the first paragraph. The thesis statement summarizes an essay in one word. Use the thesis statement as a treasure map to offer the reader a sense of your essay’s path. Tell them the end, so they know where you’re going.

Write a thesis statement once you’ve done your research and discovered your sources. Each paragraph should support your thesis. You may have strayed from the essay’s aim if you can’t connect an idea to the thesis statement.

Include a lesson or moral:

People remember concrete information better because it’s more appealing, easier to comprehend, and more likely to stick in their minds. Examples, statistics, quotations, facts, and other specifics are examples of concrete information. Readers get bored if you don’t give them any new concrete information or ideas that support your thesis for a long time.

Conclusion: Proofread your work:

Refine and double-check your work for grammatical and spelling mistakes after completing the first draft. To get a second set of eyes on your work, you can use a program like Grammarly. However, you should never rely solely on software; you should always check your work or have another person (human) do it.

Be mindful of your word choice when editing: eliminate all superfluous words and strive to replace weak verbs with stronger ones. Also, double-check your essay’s facts, especially when citing other sources.


    i.          What’s the meaning of Odyssey?

An ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer describes Odysseus’ ten-year wanderings after the fall of Troy. It is credited to him. Wanderings or adventures, especially if they are packed with remarkable experiences, hardships, etc.

  ii.          What is the story of The Odyssey about?

Aside from a single perspective, the poem is structured around a single goal: that of returning to Ithaca, where Odysseus would beat the rude suitors camped out in his palace and reconnect with his loyal wife, Penelope.

   iii.          What is the main point of The Odyssey?

While on the road, The Odyssey seeks to achieve his destiny, persevere, and be faithful to his friends along the route. These three recurring motifs shape Odysseus’s journey, shaping his overall perception of the world around him.

iv.          What God is Odyssey?

Hermes, one of the Olympian gods, is Odysseus’s great-grandfather. Ithaca’s King Laertes is his father, and Anticlea is his mother. He’s also the husband of Penelope and the father of Telemachus.

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