Essays on Howards End

Howards End
Original title Howards End
Author E M Forster
Genre Novel
Language English
Published 18 October 1910
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FAQ about Howards End

What E.M Foster Writes About in Howards Ends
...As it is, we must hold to other things, because Death is coming. I love Death--not morbidly, but because He explains. He shows me the emptiness of Money. Death and Money are the eternal foes. Not Death and Life. Never mind what lies behind Death, Mr....
How does Forster express the Bloomsbury Group values in Howards End?
...E. M Forster was a member of the Bloomsbury group and was thought to be homosexual. Therefore I feel Forster is writing from the experience his friends and he felt for being discriminated against for experimenting and seeing things differently. Throu...