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Hide and seek
Original title Hide and seek
Author Elizabeth Taylor
Genre Gothic Fiction , Horror Fiction , Drama , Mystery , Science Fiction , Thriller , Psychological Thriller , Fantasy Fiction , Fantastique
Language English
Characters protagonist: a young girl named Sarah who is trying to find her way in the world after her parents die, Sarah's best friend: a boy named Josh who helps her with her quest, Sarah's older sister: a girl named Emily who is also looking for her place in the world, Sarah's mother: a woman who died when Sarah was young, Sarah's father: a man who died when Sarah was young, Sarah's grandfather: a man who helps Sarah on her quest, The antagonist: a man who is trying to stop Sarah from finding her way
Published 1951
ISBN 978-0-06-240937-8
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In this book, a group of friends decide to play hide and seek. One of the friends, a little girl named Sarah, is very good at hiding. She finds the perfect spot to hide and the other friends can’t find her. They look for her all over the place, but they just can’t find her.
Finally, they give up and go home. Sarah comes out of her hiding spot and goes home too. She is very happy that she was able to stay hidden for so long.

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