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Asian American Who Became an Artist
...By the year 1920, Obata sent a majority of his time painting landscapes throughout California, and becoming the co-founder of the East West Art Society in San Francisco. In the following years Obata began getting a lot more recognition for his work t...
Chinese Migrants Who Live in America
...By 1882, one-third of the workforce in San Francisco comprised Chinese immigrants or their children” (254). What this quote is saying is that when the Gold Rush started many Chinese Immigrants came to California through San Francisco in hopes to fi...
What does it truly mean to be accepted in society?
...Finally the last story is that of Danny and Chin-Kee. Danny is a white, highschool age kid who has a strange Chinese cousin named Chin-Kee. Chin-Kee is Danny's cousin that visits annually. Every year Danny dreads this time because of how odd Chin-Kee...