Essays on Alex

Alex is the protagonist of Anthony Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange. He is a violent, sociopathic teenager in a future dystopian England where the government seeks to control its citizens through a system of behavior modification. Alex and his friends engage in “ultra-violence” – random, unprovoked acts of violence – for fun. When Alex is caught and imprisoned, the government subjects him to a controversial experiment called the Ludovico Technique, which is designed to eliminate violence from his behavior. The novel follows Alex’s experiences in prison and after his release, as he struggles to adjust to a life without violence.

Essay themes and ideas about Alex

  • Alex’s Character in Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Motivations in Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Relationship to Violence in Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Mental State in Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Place in Society in Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Development Throughout Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Significance to the Plot of Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Importance to the Themes of Clockwork Orange
  • Alex’s Role in the Clockwork Orange Film
  • Alex’s Legacy in Clockwork Orange