"Limang Dipang Tao" by Ryan Cayabyab

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The artwork that I chose is the song “Limang Dipang Tao” by Ryan Cayabyab. The lyrics of the song talk about a lady who was in the midst of riding a jeepney when while riding it, suddenly saw her husband together with another woman. To confront her husband, she got off the jeepney on which she waited a long time to ride, just to chase her husband who was cheating. While running quickly just to catch up with him, she was suddenly knocked to the ground and her husband saw it.

He went near her to help her up but when she saw the face of the man she didn’t know what to feel. It wasn’t her husband, and she felt embarrassed by her mistake. She lamented on her action of getting off of the jeepney since she would need to wait for another hour to be able to ride one again. She also regretted being too paranoid and inquisitive and how it led her to make another mistake.

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The artwork is very reflective of the Filipino community because the song talks about one of the activities that almost all Filipinos do commuting. Commuting is the travel a person does on a regular basis to get to his destination. It should be relaxing, not a hassle, and easy. But that is not the case here in the Philippines. To a regular Filipino citizen who uses commuting as a means of traveling to his different destinations, it can be tiring, agonizing, hard.

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A 20-minute ride became a 2-hour agony of waiting. The ride is barely moving and thoughts of walking to the destination are what’s on our head instead of sitting on this forlorn ride. But then we continue to do it. We have formed a resiliency to this struggle. And we seem to just go with it instead of doing something about it.

What I blame most of this hubbub is the poor transportation system of our country. When I went to Singapore for a vacation, I was surprised by how smooth and smooth and civilized their transportation system is. The trains always arrive on time and the buses have a systematized way of operating. I suddenly thought of our dear country. Why didn’t the government put more thought into improving the transportation system of the country? Many people would surely benefit from it because almost all people do it. The second thing that I blame is the lack of discipline that we, Filipinos, have. I have played in my mind what our country would look like such systematized transportation system would be implemented. I thought great things would be much easier. Filipinos would be disciplined enough to have it. But then, are we really?

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"Limang Dipang Tao" by Ryan Cayabyab

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