Life is fair Essay

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Life is fair

Many people think that life is not fair, but I totally disagree with them. You need to pay for what’s not fair in your life. In some cases, when people win the big prize money on the lottery, they may have lost some of the most valuable things in their life. Last year, A California man got the big money from the lottery, but subsequently got in a car accident losing his family. Many people think Bill Gates should not be that rich without working hard, but we have to admit that he is very smart.

He used his computer knowledge to create the first Operating System that is user friendly to different people in all walks of life, which became good news for the computer industry. His most successful attribute is his business skill. He made the different version of Windows on each year and it mase people follow his operation system upgrades each year. But he needs to spend most of his own time working in his company. Time magazine interviewed him before, and he said that he needs to be in the Microsoft office almost 12 hours every day including the holidays.

And he will not waste his money on expensive things such as: car, watch, housing, food, etc….. His life is very simple. He wakes up every 7am and after breakfast, he will be back in the office. I don’t think people like to get rich without any entertainment, but Bill Gates got rich without a rich life. Some people will think some third-world citizens is an example that life is not fair. We should know life is not only a race to get rich in money or possessions. We can chase a simple life and still be rich. Some third-world people may not buy food, but they do grow food by themselves.

They will do everything for themselves without relying too much on money. For example: they will make the house, table, chair, food, even the entertainment from their surroundings. The first or second world people will think how to get money every day. Unlike some third-world citizens, they will chase the money for their life. At least, the third-world people can live without money. They will not think they can’t live without money. Nowadays, many people commit suicide over money. But the third-world people seem happier than first or second country people because their life is very simple.

They will not think too much on being rich or not rich. Many third-world children don’t even have computers, video games, etc…… but they still find other sources of entertainment. They don’t have any stress in school to be the have the latest gadgets and cars and be cool. Also, first world children can’t live without electronic gadgets. And, for some, their parents will push their child to be doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc……. and they will get stressed out or a be unhappy about it. That’s why the life is still fair even if it doesn’t look like it is.

You can life without money, but you can be happier than your life with money. In turn, poor people, or poor countries, should be very happy to take out such loans, confident that investment returns are so high that the repayments will not be difficult. I have been to places like South Africa, Kenya and Guatemala and although the people are poor they are so very happy. They might live in tiny houses and live in poverty, but they have a happy home and family even if they don’t have many possessions. I have been to places like Norway, Switzerland and the USA and some of the people are really wealthy.

They don’t seem all that happy and some of them are really miserable compared to the poor people. A basic illustration of my point is: if you don’t have money, you can walk. If you have a little money, you can ride the bicycle. If you have more money, you can drive a car. If you are rich, you can hire a driver. In today’s social, many rich people get big money from their parents. Finally, since they are not good with managing their money, they will lose all their whole money. Then they need work harder than most people. All of us know that the weather doesn’t happen without explanations.

Sunny warm days and cold freeze nights each have their roots in the laws of nature. These laws are absolutely fair since everywhere in the universe, so far as scientists know; they operate in exactly the same way. The weather in America is caused by the very same forces as the weather in Asia. “Outside” weather, then, clearly is fair. Not that fair days always greet us when we rise each morning, but in the sense that climate is produced by objective laws of nature which work the same way in every part of the world. We should not only focus on the money.

Many people who become rich are not happy. Many feel lonely, stressed, unhappy, etc……What we should be focusing on is not money but on the quality of life. We cannot bring the money to heaven. Money is only a tool to make our life easy. We cannot say that life is not fair by using money as a standard. Actually, I discussed with my classmate about this and they figured out whether life is fair or not by money. I think that is totally wrong. Some people are working for money, but I am working for my hobby. I am happy work in my job even if I don’t get as much as a CEO.

I can learn many different computer skills on my job. I can find my hobby from my job. Some people think they should not get a low rate salary on their job. I think they should rather be interested on their job to make them satisfied. If they are not satisfied, then they think their salary is low. Why should Bill Gates get rich? Because of his interest in the computer, and he put his interest on the business. The main idea is if you don’t love your job, you will never get rich. Many successful people love their job. That’s why I think life is fair.

It’s just that most people dislike their job. We think we should focus on how people live. Don’t focus on whether people are rich or not rich. Many people are not happy with much money. They got rich and only focus on expensive things. They don’t know how to live life. Expensive things can’t make true happiness. Life is Fair says this is exactly how life works. But if we are to understand how justice operates in the world, we must first study life’s big picture. We cannot examine life only from the point of view of the material world only.

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