Life and Art of Frida Kahlo

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Do faith and belief affect meaning and purpose? A revolutionary artist born claiming to be during the political chaos in her country. Frida Kahlo had a sense of life through treating those around her as to how she would want to be treated. Her lust for life was seen through how much she adored the children in her town, who she treated like best friends. She loved to be a child filled with nonsense, talk, and dirty jokes. Treating her servants as friends and family.

Being that she painted self-portraits. She said, “Painting completed my life.” Her paintings express her emotions and expressions of her life and past. Reflection on the positive and negative events throughout her life. Documenting her life through painting.

Through James Fowler’s stages of faith development, looking at his stages Frida was able to reach a peak of conjunctive faith being that she was able to realize her logical limits and begin to accept the reality of life.

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She was able to begin to see her life as a journey. She illustrated her emotions onto her canvas. Her paintings often represented the truth of her past and what happened throughout her life. At the young age of eighteen,, she was in a horrible bus accident where she no longer could become a mother, she surrounded herself and her attention to her pets: being dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, and as well as her many plants. In many of her paintings, her animals and plants are featured in her self-portraits, being the representation of her children.

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Her longing to be a part of the flow of nature and the universe took control of her and her connection with life. In her painting ” Roots” it shows her desire for fertility and be a part of the cycle of life.

Frida’s father was a German immigrant, and her mother was a patriotic Roman Catholic. But many documents and sources have shown that her father was a German Lutheran descendant. Many claimed that Frida wasn’t at all religious considered atheist considering a painting of hers that had the poem “Your absence Kills me, making a virtue of your memory. You are the nonexciting God.” Stating that to her there was such thing as a nonexciting God and growing up with a Patriotic Roman Catholic mother Frida was seen as very much so an atheist. She was also seen as a very fierce and independent Mexican patriot also a communist her and her husband, Diego Rivera, and had often traveled to the U.S. she was known as “comrade Frida” to the communist league in America. Kahlo’s legacy will forever be been commemorated through her art. The La Casa Azul museum in her home town was opened in 1958, being one of the most popular museums in Mexico City, finding 25, 000 visitors monthly.

‘Painting completed my life’ to Frida Kahlo’s painting was her escape from the real world. Kahlo’s faith towards her art and self was her meaning and purpose of life. Throughout her life, she had suffered so much pain and misfortune that through her art she expressed her life, emotions, and suffering. Many associate Kahlo with the image of constantly remaking herself and her identity being an intriguing female artist. Featuring herself in her meaningful and expressive art is often an ambiguous meaning to herself.

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