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Lessons From the Movie My Name is Khan

In real society, the truth is many people from different countries suffer this kind of problems like xenophobia, discrimination, racism, and bullying. This movie “my name is Khan” made me feel like in reality because now many people are suffering this issue not only Muslim people but also Nicaraguan people. Why do I relate Nicaragua people with this movie? Because as you could see many people in the USA were xenophobic with Khan’s family because he was a Muslim. Here in Costa Rica, we as Ticos have slang or phrases that represent us in my countries “Pura Vida”, but it is not true.

We are not really like this because many Ticos are xenophobic with Nicaraguan people and they call themselves Pura Vida but they are wrong. It is one reason why we as Ticos have similar things to American people because we think we are better in some cases, not all the time but sometimes. My point of view here is many Muslim people would not act like they were, show their identity, their cultures, and also their religions because if they did it, they could lose everything, house, work, family, and even they could be killed.

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The question I still have is how can we live in a society that does not respect any cultures? Because there are many countries which have this problem.

Something that I want to remember or to make emphasis is the way how Khan changed the way how Muslims were seen, even he had a mental problem or a kind of situation to relate with other people, he had the trouble to make friends but he made many because of his simplicity and good heart.

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Something that I loved was when he did not care about what other people think about him when he had time to pray and it did not matter where he was. The interesting part for me was that moment when he helps those black people because in that part of the movie shows us how the race does not matter when we do want to help and when we see more than the appearance and the skin color or the nationality.

How a desire to be heard leads us to a great goal that was the propose to Khan, he did not give up; in spite of, he had many inconveniences in his road; for example, when he was arrested because they thought he was a terrorist but it was only a mistake. He delayed or put off his visit to see the president because he dedicated to helping unknown people, he had a big heart even he had to honor his promise to Mandira his wife, to talk to the president and say he was not a terrorist, but as we watched in the movie he loved to help people in trouble.
I want to mention here some problems that it has seen in the movie and happening the real-life, bullying is something we see a lot in kids and also in teenager too. But in the movie, we watch how American children laughed and turned down to Samir, Mandira’s son. As you know bullying is something that can kill and this was the case. In the real-life many young people die every day because of bullying attacks, the problem with bullies maybe are in their home, how they are educated, or how their parents treat them, there are many ways why they want to show their sadness with others.

“My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist.” This quote is remarkable because, through the movie, we can see he told the truth, he is not a terrorist, and he had a humble heart and amazing way to say things. He takes the word literally because of his illness, but that is why he decided to take the road along with a dream or wish that is something that keeps alive. And also when he said I’m not a terrorist, to the president, and this is my son (showing picture) He was not a terrorist either. Those words are hard to me because his wife blamed him because of her son’s die, and for that reason he said and he was not a terrorist either, because many people call him a terrorist, it was not his fault, but the society one more time shows its face to this situation. I think we cannot say people are like this or like that because other people talk bad about them, we must need to be saved before to talk.

We must learn about this kind of movie that shows reality and how the real situation is in those countries. Khan’s mother told him something true and it says there are no differences between Hindus and Muslims: “There are only good people, who do good things and bad people, who do bad things”. Those words say more than we can imagine, in the real world, as in fairy tales, there are only good people and bad people, and to overcome all obstacles the important thing is to always speak from the heart.

On many occasions, we need to have a big heart because when we make a favor without thinking about the reward we feel satisfied. It is more rewarding to give than to receive. Khan was a hero without knowing, he did a lot for people who did not see it before. He is a really good guy and if some have the same characteristic of him in real-time, we can trust him without hesitation because his actions speak louder than words.

Many are victims of generalization, we must stop generalizing because all people are not the same, and all Muslims are not the same. That attack that was provoked by some Muslims does not include all the Muslims society. I would like to say that the media took a big role in cultivating the minds of the people to look Muslims as violent people and Islam as a violent religion using the issues concerning them like the 9/11 attack.

Religion has a good approach to our hearts because they were from different religions, but they did not care and they got married because religion can name our God in different ways, but the thrust is that all of them have the same goal to typify love and happiness.
To be honest this movie has a lot of details to go deep, but not too much. It is true that it is relay touching because you can see how he suffered an accident and even then he decided to follow his road and he showed power and hope to those people who do not believe in the miracles and do not have hope in anything. We should fight for our goals and dreams as Khan did it.

I want to say that we don’t judge the book by its cover because we all have different ways to think and to act and for that reason, it is a kind of selfish to judge someone because it does not sin in the same way. Many people think all Muslims are terrorist because one of them made a mistake and the TV shows say the same, but we cannot believe in all we see or listen, maybe that bad person who is for another one is good for you, it is depend on the way you see it.

Cultures have a big impact on the world because if we think we are perfect because of our culture, religion, tradition, we are totally wrong because all the cultures are good, but many people do not think the same way and they think they are better and that it is false. I consider myself not racist because I understand the point of those people who suffer every single day racism, I do not why people make bullying or this kind of bad joke to those different people in the way that they are from another country or city.

We must work in this kind of problem since we are growing up, our kids are our future generation and education starts from home, so it is mean that those bullies are like that because a problem they found out in his or her house, their parent must be the support they need it. Every problem they have is better they talk to their family and not fight and say bad things to a person who does not have blame.

I learned that every day we have the chance to change or became in a person who we really want to become, if we have a dream do not let someone else can destroy it, we can fight for it, we need to know that every obstacle is the way that we make stronger than we were because we need more motivation to follow our dreams and goals if we have a goal set we have everything in life because when we set something in a list, we are going to that.

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