Legalizing Marijuana in New Zealand

Marijuana, also called cannabis. Illegal in most nations consisting of New Zealand, however should it be? There are many facts supporting the legalization of marijuana in New Zealand however likewise many that do not support it. Supporting Statement Firstly think of this, Tobacco and alcohol eliminate numerous many individuals every year, approximately 435,000 for Tobacco and 85,000 for Alcohol. The number of individuals does cannabis kill you ask, well the response is 0, in all of its history it has actually killed definitely nobody, This is why lots of discover it difficult to comprehend why it is prohibited and why these other, more hazardous drugs are legal.

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It does not cause any physical or permanent damage whatsoever but really has pain relief advantages. This is why in locations like California marijuana is legal for medical usage and can be bought in dispensaries found in practically every city in the state. To purchase it you need to have a medical prescription from your physician.

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This is a very successful system and for people who need it such as those going through chemotherapy, it eases their pain and provides a much better lifestyle.

In terms of the New Zealand Economy the sale of Cannabis would be excellent for New Zealand as it could be taxed much like tobacco and there would be much less drug convictions so that there would be less of the tax payers money going towards prisons and more money going towards community tasks.

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Massive cops resources are lost on small drug offences in New Zealand. A considerable proportion of New Zealanders have smoked cannabis and numerous users are typical healthy contributing members of society.

Cops money and time is lost on a reasonably harmless drug. If legalised, people might use marijuana without the danger of sponsoring drug lords and crime, as individuals would no longer need to go to gang associated drug homes to get their marijuana but could purchase it from a local dispensary. If legalized the exact same laws that look for alcohol could use to marijuana, things comparable to the liquor restriction zones, the age limits for purchasing and utilizing it and no driving under the influence. Negating Statement Now for the factors that marijuana ought to not be legalized.

There are some health risks with marijuana, it does minor damage to the memory and if smoked reduces your lung capacity by 10%. Other than pain relief it doesn’t have any health benefits whatsoever therefore “medical marijuana” is a bit of a myth. Legalizing cannabis would also make other illegal substances seem much less serious and normalize the use of drugs in New Zealand, making it seem okay to do drugs for the next generation. Ask yourself this, do you want NZ children to be raised in a country where drugs that could be harmful exist and can be used by anybody?

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Legalizing Marijuana in New Zealand

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