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Learning Disabilities Essay Examples

Learning Disabilities Why Self esteem

...Based on the analysis, it is clear that the most complex measure of self-concept and self-esteem is necessary. In future research, obtaining more data regarding self-concept and self-esteem will make additional subtypes available, both for these two domains, as well as subtypes of LD (Reese, Bird, &Tripp, 2007). Further implementations need to be aimed at supporting students with LD. The focus of future support for students with LD should be not only academic, but have emotional and psycholo...

Understand the legislation and policies that support the human rights and inclusion of individuals with learning disabilities

...If you spoke to an adult like a child, this can be very patronising and degrading for the individual. An adult with learning disabilities may have the same interest and feelings as any other person of the same age. They may need things explaining slower and take a little longer to understand what you are communicating, but this does not mean they do not understand. A 20 year old individual with learning disabilities will have the same needs and preferences as any other 20 year old and would most...

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