Leadership and Teamwork - Weakness

Weaknesses on the different hand, are matters that end result in lessened productivity. Good leaders are able to perceive each strengths and weaknesses and utilize them to end up greater high-quality at their profession. Understanding and limiting weakness every leader has a weakness. In order for a leader to higher themselves, they must manage their weaknesses.

Weakness limits one’s capacity to function at their peak. Once a weak spot is identified, the ordinary mind-set results in the individual trying to eliminate this weakness.

Personally, my three weaknesses would be extremely optimism which sounds weird like how that can be a weakness, but I will explain. Also, my other weakness is fear of people not liking a decision, and lastly the one I struggle the most communication.

As I stated that over-optimism is a weakness. I say this as a weakness because no matter what people do I tend to always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I see the good in everyone and other tend to see that and take advantage of you and think they may get by and walk over you.

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Hanging on to lower-performing humans and strategies for too long. Learning edge: apprehend the grace in realism - in seeing matters precisely as they are versus how they “could” or “should” be. Look at the that means of “loyalty” to a purpose or person and understand the inherent limitations of loyalty when ultimate “loyal” to anybody or something is inflicting problems for others or your enterprise overall.

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Leaders are human beings first, and it's natural that they prefer to be liked which brings me in to the subsequent weak spot of people liking you. But the want to be in everyone's good favor can sometimes cloud strong business judgment. 'A frequent mistake with new managers and new enterprise owners is that they make choices that are popular, which are frequently now not the great decisions for the business. Leaders need to on occasion make unpopular decisions.

Instead of attempting to be properly appreciated amongst your employees, are trying to find to be understood and respected. Learn how to communicate overtly and regularly with your team, and constantly preserve group of workers participants in the loop about the cause behind any decisions, famous or not. The exceptional leaders have discovered that if they make the right decisions for their business, even if unpopular, and also take the time to provide an explanation for their reasoning, they will earn the recognize of their employees. In the long run, this is the pleasant result a chief can aspire to. You can't stress over being a persons' buddy earlier than being their boss.

Lastly, my greatest weakness is communication skills. Communication is with the aid of a ways some of the most important features for a chief to have. It would not depend how fantastic a format a leader is capable to draw up. If they are not able to talk that plan to their employees in a way that is handy to apprehend and motivating, then little progress is going to be made. I personally with work struggle with this. I currently work where I am the youngest person and being the youngest person trying to communicate and understand my fellow employees is difficult. How I think and see things is not the same as theirs.

When there is an issue due to the large age difference my thoughts and ideas are looked down upon so instead I now just keep quite which is unfair. It is unfair to the fact that I can bring a fresh young idea to the team. It is very frustrating to want to say so much but instead hold it in. Good leaders want to be able to listen intently and speak clearly. If a chief is demonstrating an incapacity to talk their ideas and expectations to others, they are no longer probable to be a very effective leader.

Leadership can make or ruin any business. Because of this, there are a few key factors to reflect on consideration on earlier than you be a part of a new team or hire a new leader. These traits have to also be applied to each person trying to improve their own skills, as well.

Updated: Dec 08, 2021
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