Self Reflection: Strengths and Weakness and Skills Action Plan

In this self evaluating report the main task is to evaluate the skills achieved during this workshop. I found the workshop on Decision making and Problem solving not just beneficial, but also interesting. This workshop gave everybody a chance to brainstorm solutions for any problem that may come up in our future.

For this self-analysis report, I will do an analysis of my strengths and weaknesses, for that I am doing a SWOT analysis, it will help me to find out in which skills I need to work the most to make an improvement.

SWOT will help me to take decision and also create solutions for my problems. My strengths are organising skills, writing skills and good group working skills. Whereas, my weaknesses are communication skills, being shy, and introverted. In contrast to that, opportunities were to improve my leadership skills in group work, trying to open up with people and think out of the box. Plus, I also found out that threats were having difficulties with my communication because English is my third language and having disagreements with group members.

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Throughout the workshop, I have been encouraged to improve my interpersonal skills too. I feel that the skills which I have improved the most are communication skills, critical thinking and leadership skills. Also, there are other skills which I found to be improved.

Communication Skills

This skill is not one of the strongest skills that I have, but I have been working on to improve it. I believe this skill is one of the most important skills that a person needs to have in today’s employability market because this is the principal method we use to talk or express ourselves with each other.

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I improved this skill throughout the workshop by doing presentation and discussing or talking about our topic with my team members.

Critical Thinking Skills

This is another point in which I have improved through this workshop. Our activity included much thought process because we needed to come to an agreement of any 3-4 items which people could take on that tropical island. It made us think deep into the fact that which particular items are really important for the survival of an individual on that island. I also empathize with their situation and tried thinking actually about the items I would take if I suffered the same circumstances. Hence, this made me think out of the box and critically think about the task.

Leadership Skills

During the activities that we did during the workshop we had the opportunity to develop our leadership skills when working in groups. Being a leader for me is not only to make other people do what I said, is to earn their respect, in other words is that the group members must accept the other person's ideas or what he/she is offering and voluntarily decided to follow him/her as a leader. I was listening and respecting everyone's point of view. Also I was supporting their ideas and considering them.


This is one of my weakest skills. I am an ambivert person. When working on groups sometimes you might have the opportunity to work with people that you do not know. I am an International student and as this was my first presentation in this University, I felt a little nervous to socialize with new people. First, I found it difficult to open up in front of them. However, when all started putting up their ideas and started talking, I felt really comfortable. After that, I was able to share my views, ideas and opinions in front of them. We all sensed belonging and started working together on different activities.

Group Working

Throughout the workshop, I have had the chance to improve my group-work skills, this skill is now being considered as one of the most important factors for business development

We were in groups of 5 to 6 people and all the group members had to decide how we were going to enable this activity, in this activity many people had disagreements and sometimes it delay the entire group performance. The main thing that makes all of us improved in our group work skills at this workshop was that we did not have the chance to choose our groups so for every different activity we had to work with different people and that make us have to take different roles at each group-activity. Working in a team improves our communication skills with other people because we had to express our ideas and also listen to others peoples ideas.

Time Management

This is one of the strongest skills I have. I am always able to organize my time and give it a better used, one positive thing I have managed to do is that throughout the activity I have not disappointed my group members by being late for the presentation or meeting.

During the workshop, I have had the chance to develop and improve my all above essential skills, knowing that now days this skills are what employers are looking for when they are planning to hire someone makes me think about the importance of develop, learn and practice those skills more.

These skills are really useful not only for business practice but also for everyday activity. We do not realize how often we use these skills in our daily life and how helpful they can be if we applied them well, for example time management it would help us to improve it and decrease the amount of time we waste, another skill that is very necessary in any kind of situation is communication skill, because we are always needing to express our thoughts or ideas to other people and if we do not know how to express our self correctly, specially when you are giving a first impression to an audience or to a person you are not going to be able to deliver our message correctly and the receiver of our message will not be able to understand what we are trying to say.

Other skills such as leadership and team working are essential when working as a member of a group, because if you do not know how to manage different situations the final work result is going to be very poor, and these skills are very important for employers because they want someone that is able to adapt in different groups and that is able to perform different roles in those groups.

Skills Future Action Plan

Action plan is something that how these skills will be beneficial for my future. Taking into consideration all the skills, I would like to describe how each skill will benefit me throughout my career. Every job description I’ve ever read has listed “strong written and verbal communication skills” as a requirement. I believe communication can make a better company, group or any team. It includes clarity of my speech, improvements in my pronunciation, increased listening skills, strong audience understanding and also it will improve my openness to experience trait. If I work in any company or group projects, I feel these are the most important skills one should have.

Regarding critical thinking skills, when I graduate and search for a job in any organizations for Human Resource role, I will be faced with many different situations on a daily basis which will require me to make sensible, fair and accurate decisions. It will include decisions like which person to hire, what strategies to pursue or which suppliers to use and so on. I need to be able to make decisions and solve problems using my creative and critical thinking skills.Talking about group working skills, most jobs will require some sort of teamwork and collaboration between employees. I must have the ability to work in a team structure. When I enter the workforce, I will need to learn to think beyond themselves and their own desires, and toward the common goal of the company or organization they are working for. Teamwork represents hard work, commitment, sacrifice and dedication. I want to be a valuable asset to my future team by delivering what I have promised for and on time.

By being a good team member and working effectively, I feel many new opportunities will be open for me. I can be invited into high-profile groups or business-critical projects. Further, leadership skills are also essential to work in any organisation. It will help me to inspire, motivate and help others become the best versions of themselves will be necessary for future workforce. I will be able to take on leadership roles on project teams or work with other employees to tackle issues and develop solutions. In today's highly competitive business environment, it takes more than hard work to get ahead. Companies are looking for people who are outgoing. I want to be friendly and make harmonious relationships with everyone in the company. This nature will help me to speak in public, strengthen my relationship with my boss, volunteering in teams, grow my network and participating in new opportunities. Lastly, time management will help me to delegate tasks to my subordinates, prioritize my work in the future, schedule tasks and be ready for the deadlines. I believe this skill is also quite important when I work in my future company.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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